Renee Davies

Dean of Engineering & Construction and Infrastructure
Engineering Network
Location: Building 001, Room 1025


BSc, Victoria University. BLA (1st class honours), Lincoln University

Professional memberships

Fellow & Registered member of New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA)
Member of Garden Design Society of NZ
Member of Ecological Society of NZ
Member of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities


Renée is a registered landscape architect and ecologist with over 13 years of practice experience. She has worked on landscape architecture and design projects ranging from regional planning, open space, park, ecological and community designs to residential gardens. She is a Fellow and Past President of the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects.

Renée has won awards for her work in the realm of public open space and ecological design. These include public development, protection and community instigated projects throughout Waitakere City while she was parks planning manager there. She has also reviewed landscape architecture projects from throughout the country in her role as a judge for a number of National competitions, including Year of the Built Environment awards, NZILA Pride of Place Awards, Landscaping NZ Awards and the Ellerslie Flower Show. 

In 2009 Renée was appointed as Head of Department of Landscape Architecture at Unitec and is committed to ensuring the Department supports high quality teaching in landscape architecture and design. In addition to her mangement role, she is lecturing on a range of topics including professional practice, Pacific studies, urban ecology and landscape planning and is an associate supervisor for the Masters programme.

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Research Interests 

Renée has a particular passion for understanding the influence of the regional and local character in the design process and the ability to successfully reflect a melding of local and exotic within New Zealand design to achieve places and spaces which are truly sustainable and which reflect both the historical and contemporary New Zealand situation.

Research interests stemming from this utilise her ecological and design background and look at exploring the concept of new nature' investigating adaptive and hybrid landscapes and design interventions to enhance habitat quality and biodiversity. Investigating the ecological idea of adaptive re-use and its implications and design opportunities for landscape architecture. Linked to site potentials and understanding our place in nature and the landscape. Re-defining the human role in current and future landscapes.

How do we ensure responses to landscape are reflective of the changed environment in which we live and how can we establish an appropriate design philosophy which is adaptive to the dynamism of nature?

A particular area of interest is living roofs and her involvement in the establishment of  New Zealand's first extensive commercial living roof using only native plant species (highlighting the potential of New Zealand plants to be utilised in innovative landscape contexts) has led to ongoing collaborative research on living roofs in New Zealand and in particular their role in biodiversity in urban environments.

Renée is also developing her research interest in cultural heritage landscapes of rural New Zealand in particular the botanical relicts of New Zealand's rural heritage and how they relate to and are a reflection of society. General history of rural/productive landscapes and future design paradigms and lessons for productive landscapes.

The profession of landscape architecture  grapples on a daily basis with concepts of change and dynamism. Exploration of the social, cultural, ecological and economic issues that influence and inform design and how we as a profession embed these understandings within our discipline has seen the emergence of a unique character and sense of place in NZ landscape architecture.

To ensure the creation of innovative and appropriate future landscapes alongside the sustainable management of those which we inherit.

Landscape Architecture is a profession well placed to take on the challenges of current global and local issues and to position ourselves as the most appropriate discipline to explore, influence and guide the shaping of our world.

Long may the exploratory journey continue

We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we startedand know the place for the first time.  TS Elliot

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