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Deepinder Sidhu

School of Computing, Electrical and Applied Technology
Location: Building 182, Room 3001


Patel, M., Singh, G., & Sidhu, D. (2021). Agricultural Robot. 2021 Unitec/MIT Research Symposium, Online on Zoom.

Jenks, S., Look, M., Holmes, W., & Sidhu, D. (2021). Development of a Power Supply For a Wireless Sensor Platform. 2021 Unitec/MIT Research Symposium, Online on Zoom.

Holmes, W., Look, M., Sidhu, D., Lai, A., & Nicholson, G. (2020). Microwave moisture levelling of Lucerne Chaff. Unitec Research Symposium, Auckland.

Holmes, W., Look, M., Lai, A., & Sidhu, D. (2020). Hyperspectral NIR imaging of Plant Material. Unitec Research Symposium, Carrington Road, Mt Albert, Auckland.

Bahadornejad, M., Bogosanovic, M., Sidhu, D., & Kar, A. (2020). How to make graduate attributes attractive to students. Unitec Research Symposium, Carrington Road, Mount Albert, Auckland.

Singh, N., Tawaketini, J., Chand, P., Hamilton, J., Kudin, R., Bakmeedeniya, A., & Sidhu, D. (2020). Preparing graduates in the everchanging employment market: A New Zealand tertiary case study. Auckland (Vol. Unitec Institute of Technology).

Lai, A., Look, M., Holmes, W., Yan, A., & Sidhu, D. (2020). Development of circuit cooperate with condenser Microphone and amplifier with detecting the sound directly. Unitec Research Symposium, Mount Albert Campus, Unitec.