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Lauren Prior

School of Environmental and Animal Sciences
Location: Building 115, Room 1013


Sadler, H., Harvey, L.C., & Prior, L. (2022). Identifying the prevalence and implications of bullying in the Aotearoa New Zealand veterinary nursing industry. Perspectives in Animal Health and Welfare (Vol. 1(1)).

Da Silva, J., & Prior, L. (2021). Confidence levels of veterinary nurses using a range of anaesthetic monitoring devices available in New Zealand. 2021 Unitec/MIT Research Symposium, Auckland.

Prior, L., Sadler, H., & Harvey, L.C. (2020). Identifying the prevalence of bullying within the New Zealand veterinary nursing industry. 2020 Unitec Research Symposium presentation, Auckland, New Zealand.

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Prior, L., Harvey, L., Gear, R., Cameron, K., & Naden, K. (2019). Understanding the demography of animals presenting to a volunteer veterinary clinic in Tonga. NZVNA Annual Conference, Auckland.

Harvey, L.C., Gear, R., Prior, L., Cameron, K., & Naden, K. (2019). Investigating the presence of canine heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) in the Kingdom of Tonga. New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association annual conference, Auckland, New Zealand.