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Gerard Lovell

Senior Lecturer
School of Computing, Electrical and Applied Technology
Location: Building 183, Room 3001


Song, L., Lovell, G., Dacey, S., & Chitalia, A. (2021). Spatio-temporal Feature Extraction used for Detection of Water Pollution in New Zealand. Auckland, New Zealand. MIT/Unitec Research Symposium, Auckland, New Zealand.

Chitalia, A., Lovell, G., Song, L., & Dacey, S. (2021). Teaching a Computing Programme using two Different Delivery Modes: Staff Perspectives from a New Zealand Polytechnic. UniMIT-Unitec Research Symposium, Auckland, New Zealand.

Haines, Karen., Delaporte, Cath., Perkins, Maureen., Lovell, Gerard., & Oldfield, James. (2019). Shifting practice? Exploring how teaching practice develops in new classroom spaces. Talking Teaching 2019, Diverse Learning: Inclusive Teaching, Unitec Institute of Technology.

Oldfield, J., Delaporte, C., Haines, K., Perkins, M., & Lovell, G. (2019). More bang for your buck: Identifying a draft set of recommendations for collaborative learning environment design. SOTEL 2019, AUT.

Ardekani, I., Sakhaee, N., Sharifzadeh, H., Barmada, B., & Lovell, G. (2018). A novel adaptive active noise control algorithm based on Tikhonov regularisation. 10th International Conference on Signal Processing Systems (ICSPS 2018).