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Allan McDonald

School of Creative Industries
Location: Building 001, Room 2169




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McDonald, A., (artist) (2022). Foxton, 2009 Ponsonby, 2010 Grafton,2010 All works framed digital c prints on dibond. Natasha Conland, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland.

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McDonald, A., (Artist) (2021). Maungarei 2020 Puketāpapa 1 2021 Puketāpapa 2 2021 Rarotonga 1 2021 Rarotonga 2 2021 Te Tātua-a-Riukiuta 2020 All works framed pigment prints. Allan McDonald, Anna Miles, Anna Miles Gallery, Auckland. New Zealand. 30th May - 3rd July.

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McDonald, A., (artist), & Freeman, W., ((artist), collaborator) (2019). Petrified Wood, Thames. 2018; Slaty Shale, Thames. 2018; Martha Above, Waihi. 2018; Martha Below, Waihi. 2018; Rose Quartz, Waihi. 2019;Rose Quartz Thames 2019; Camborne, Thames. 2018; Flakey Quartz, Thames. 2019; Amethyst, Waihi. 2019; Woman's Division FFNZ 2019, Coromandel; Blue Vitrine 1, Thames. 2018; Blue Vitrine 2, Thames. 2018 12 works all framed photographic pigment prints of varying dimensions. Allan McDonald, Anna Miles Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, 24th Feb - 22nd March, 2019.

McDonald, A., (artist) (2018). The Dominion, 05.05.2016 - 11.10.2017, Levin The Vision Times, 16.02.2018 - 19.05.2015, Newmarket. A. Miles, Anna Miles Gallery, Auckland, NZ, 25/11/18 - 22/12/18.

McDonald, A., (Artist), Porteous, M., Sameshima, H., & Straight, D. (2017). Dunedin 2012 Carterton 2010 Henderson Valley 2003 All works were large unframed photographic prints. T.J. Veling, In Situ Photo Project, Christchurch, New Zealand, 9 - 30 September.

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McDonald, A., (Artist) (2017). Kawhia 2017 Tree house, Piriaka 2009 Karangahape 2017 Garden, Mt. Eden 2014. Garden Grey Lynn 2014 Dunedin 2013 All photographs were framed digital C prints. Anna Miles, National Gallery, Christchurch, NZ. 11 - 16 September.

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McDonald, A., (Artist) (2016). 4th July, Anti Vietnam War Protest, Willis Street. 1972 (confrontation) 4th July Anti Vietnam War Protest, Willis Street. 1972 (what happened to freedom) 4th July Anti Vietnam War Protest, Willis Street. 1972 (Progressive Youth Movement) Anti Tour Protest, Manners Street, June 1970 ( the arrest of Alister Taylor) Anti Tour Protest, Willis Street, June 1970 ( street occupation) Anti Vietnam War Protest, the Terrace 1971 ( march to Parliament) Anti Vietnam War Protest, Kelburn Parade 1971 ( march to Parliament) [Silver gelatin photographic prints]. J. Waite, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, 10 Sept 2016 - 25 June 2017.

McDonald, A., (Artist) (2016). Fish on pole, Dargaville 2003 House on Stump, Favona 2016 Owl, Avondale 2015 Relocated house, Whanganui 2006_ Garden (pruned), Grey Lynn 2015 Garden, Mt. Eden 2014 Kiwi, Ekatahuna 2007 Hawk, Upper Hutt (Second Hand Shop) 2006 Tree house, Piriaka 2009 [Framed photographs]. A. Miles, Anna Miles Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, 12 June - 9 July.

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McDonald, A., and Budgett, J. (2014). The Unstable City: On the Pleasures of Recollection (4 framed photographic prints, 720 x 900mm; 52 A3 prints in a grid format; 1 A1 poster). Nicholas Butler, The Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Center, Auckland, 30 September - 23 November.

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