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Elizabeth Hawthorne

Lecturer, Directing for Theatre
School of Creative Industries
Location: Building 006, Room 2016


Hawthorne, E. (2021). Don't Make Me Go. Film, Amazon Studios.

Hawthorne, E. (2021). The Royal Treatment. New Zealand, Netflix, dir. Rick Jacobson.

Hawthorne, E., (Actor), van Beek, C., (Director), & Whittaker, A., (Producer) (2019). Daniel. New Zealand, New Zealand Film Commission.

Kirkwood, L., (Choreographer), Gittins, P., (Director), Hawthorne, E., (Collaborator and performer), Aston, D., (Collaborator and performer), & McGlone, C., (Collaborator and performer) (2019). The Children. Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre, Auckland LIVE.

Hawthorne, E., (Voice over) (2019). TV Series - Quimbo's Quest Episode One. New Zealand, TVNZ.

Hawthrone, E., (Actor), & Kormákur, B., (Director) (2018). Adrift. New Zealand, IMDb.

Hawthorne, Elizabeth., (Actress) (2017). Mastercard Grandma's Reunion. Cinema Television Magazines, 30 April 2017 Robber's Dog Production Company.

Hawthorne, Elizabeth., (Actress) (2017). ADRIFT. Ground Floor, Civic House, New Town Hall Rd, Suva, Fiji, 6 July 2017-4 September 2017Pantagruel Adrift Services, LLC c/- Productions Pacific Ltd.

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Hawthorne, Elizabeth., (Actress) (2017). Blond Poison. Herald, Aotea Centre. 22 August 2017-2 September 2017 PLUMB PRODUCTIONS.

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Hawthorne, Elizabeth., (Actress) (2016). 800 Words. South Pacific Pictures, 4 April 2016-27 April 2016.

Hawthorne, E. (2014). Tourism New Zealand. Great Barrier Island.

Hawthorne, E. (2014). FIX. Basement Theatre Auckland.

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Hawthorne, E. (2014). Other Desert Cities. Maidment Theatre Auckland University.

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Hawthorne, E. (2010). The Importance of Being Earnest. Maidment Theatre.

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Hawthorne, E., & Gardner, R. (2003). Louisa May, by Ros Gardner. UNITEC Theatre, Auckland. 18 October - 1 November.