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Jonty Valentine

School of Creative Industries


Valentine, J. P. (2021). Apocrypha: The Maps of Roger Mortimer. Design of published book. Edited by Sam Melzer, Deborah Walker-Morrison, Billie Lythberg. Index Press, Auckland.

Valentine, J. P., (artist), & Wood, B., (artist) (2021). If These Walls Could Talk vinyl text, variable size. Curated by Dr Dorita Hannah with Dr Becca Wood and Gina Ferguson, Gallery One, Unitec, Auckland, New Zealand.

Valentine, J. P. (2020). What is Design? Wood, L ; Haylock, B, London, UK (Vol. First).

Valentine, J. P. (2020). 'Designscape: monthly from the New Zealand Industrial Design Council'. Kerr, Katie, Auckland, New Zealand.

Valentine, J. P. (2020). Jonty Valentine interviewed by Gabriel van Schouten. Ilam DESI311 class students, Christchurch, New Zealand.