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Jojo San Diego

Enrolment Processing
Location: Building 110, Room 2035


MSc Industrial Economics, BA Economics, Cert Adult Education & Training, Cert Money Management

Professional memberships

New Zealand Association of Economists

Rotary Club of Makati McKinley


Josefino, or “Jojo” as he is fondly called joined Unitec on June 2004.  He has been involved in research, various industries and the academe for over 30 years both in New Zealand and the Philippines.  His research exposure includes corporate governance, equities and fixed-income research, structural equation modelling (SEM), industry research, purchasing research, and materials research.

Jojo has prepared numerous information memoranda, prospectuses, industry studies, briefing and presentation materials, research outlook and updates. Over the years, he has developed econometric models, financial models and completed industry, economic and financial forecasts.  He has presented in various briefings, seminars and conferences here and overseas.


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