If you want to advance your career, learn something new, or are looking to step back into the workforce, a short course can give you up-to-the-minute training in a short period of time.

Courses range in length from a few days to a few weeks, and classes are held at convenient times during the day, in the evening or at weekends at our campuses in Mt Albert and Waitākere.

Our courses are designed for all levels and span everything from Mandarin and Garden Design to Computing and IT. So whether you’re interested in learning a new language or developing a new skill you’ll be sure to find a short course that’s right for you.

Automotive Engineering
Automotive Air Conditioning (Installation and Servicing)
Basic Car Maintenance
Introduction to Multiplexing and CAN bus Systems
Introduction to the Application of Oscilloscopes in Vehicle Electrical & Electronics Diagnosis
Vehicle Emissions Testing
Vehicle Inspectors Preparatory Course
Vehicle Wheel Alignment

Chinese (Mandarin)
Chinese (Mandarin) Level 1A
Chinese (Mandarin) Level 1A INT
Chinese (Mandarin) Level 1B
Chinese (Mandarin) Level 1B INT
Chinese (Mandarin) Level 2A
Chinese (Mandarin) Level 2A INT
Chinese (Mandarin) Level 2B
Chinese (Mandarin) Level 2B INT
Chinese (Mandarin) Level 3A
Chinese (Mandarin) Level 3A INT

Computing and Information Technology
Free4U Computing

Construction Management
Advanced Revit Techniques
Introduction to AutoCAD Professional Level1
Revit Essentials

Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Electrical Appliance Service Person Endorsed to Disconnect and Reconnect
Electrical Installer
Electrical Limited Certificate
Electrical Service Technician (EST)
Electrician Regulations Refresher
Electrician Stage One and Two Practical Assessment ETECS178
Electrician Stage Three Practical Assessment ETECS179
Electrician Theory Refresher
EWRB Practicing License S176
Introduction to Electronics
Programmable Logic Controllers

French 2A
French 2A INT
French 2B
French 2B INT
French 3A
French 3A INT
French Conversation
French Conversation INT
French Level 1A
French Level 1A INT
French Level 1B
French Level 1B INT

Japanese - Level 1A
Japanese - Level 1A INT
Japanese - Level 1B
Japanese - Level 1B INT
Japanese - Level 2A
Japanese - Level 2A INT
Japanese - Level 2B
Japanese - Level 2B INT
Japanese 3A
Japanese 3A INT
Japanese 3B
Japanese 3B INT

Landscape and Garden Design
Garden Design

Landscape Architecture
3D Rendering with Vue
GIS - Applications in Design

Language Teaching and Interpreting
e-Language Learning for Language Teachers
Grammar Awareness for Language Teachers
IELTS Preparation
Materials Writing for Language Teachers
Phonology Awareness

Maori Language and Culture
Maori Language and Culture Rua
Maori Language and Culture Tahi
Maori Language and Culture Toru
Maori Language and Culture Wha

Google Certified Course (Web-based Advertising and Analytics)
Search Engine Optimisation Course (SEO)
Social Media Marketing Course

Media Studies
Professional Writing

Competency Assessment Programme - for Internationally Qualified Nurses
Competency Assessment Programme - Return to Nursing
First Aid

Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying
Associated Tradesperson (Plumber, Gasfitter and Plumber/Gasfitter)
Electrical Appliance Service Person Endorsed to Disconnect and Reconnect
Licensing Refresher (Drainlaying)
Licensing Refresher (Gasfitting)
Licensing Refresher (Plumbing)

Spanish - Level 1A
Spanish - Level 1A INT
Spanish - Level 1B
Spanish - Level 1B INT
Spanish - Level 2A
Spanish - Level 2A INT
Spanish - Level 3A
Spanish - Level 3A INT
Spanish 2B
Spanish 2B INT
Spanish Conversation
Spanish Conversation INT

Supported Learning
Literacy & Learning

Welding and Fabrication
AS/NZS 2980 Certified Arc Welding
AS/NZS 2980 Certified MIG Welding
Manual Metal Arc Welding (Intermediate)
Manual Metal Arc Welding (Introduction)
MIG Welding (Intermediate)
Mig Welding (Introduction)
Tig Welding (Introduction)