The role of an Authorised Agent 

Our Agents play a pivotal role in providing you with relevant study options, aiding in your decision making, and giving you an outstanding overall experience through your journey to studying abroad.
Agents are required to be well informed about, and understand New Zealand’s education system, our programmes and entry requirements to help you choose the right programme of study.  This gives you an advantage in being best prepared for a successful enrolment application, and having an experienced guide to facilitate you through getting ready to leave your home country.  
See our full list below of authorised agents by country, so you can find the agent that is closest to you.

Find an International Agent

Note that Unitec works with over 200+ Authorised Agents globally, to enquire about an Agent not listed below please contact our International team.

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Europe, Latin America, USA and Canada

Providing Immigration Advice 

Only a licensed immigration adviser or a person who is exempt from licensing can give advice on New Zealand immigration matters. This applies whether the advice is direct or indirect, and whether or not the advice is paid for.
New Zealand immigration matters can include:
  • Choosing the right visa
  • Completing a visa application
  • Settling into New Zealand life
  • Assessing whether or not it’s worthwhile appealing a decision to decline a visa application
  • Assessing the options for people who are in New Zealand unlawfully
Some of our Authorised Agents are official Licensed Immigration Advisers (LIAs), meaning they are licensed by the Immigration Adviser’s Authority (IAA) to provide specialist immigration knowledge.  The IAA keeps a register of LIAs, and you can use this to find a licensed immigration adviser. If an adviser doesn’t appear on the register, then they are unlicensed and should not be providing you with immigration advice.

Education New Zealand’s Agent Programme

AgentLab is one of the services offered within MaiENZ that is specially designed to support education agents and consultants.

It features information about study, life, and work in New Zealand. You’ll also find agent-specific marketing assets and updates from New Zealand government agencies.

Applying through an Agent

Unitec accepts applications lodged through an Authorised Agent only. To know about the details of the Authorised Agents for your Country, use the find an international agent list.

Please note that some agents may charge a fee for their services.

To enquire about all our Authorised Agents, please email us your query on

Code of Practice

Unitec is a signatory of the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016. The Code of Practice offers a framework of responsibilities that each education provider is required to provide to ensure that students who come to study in New Zealand are well informed, safe and properly cared for.

The Code of Practice includes information about, but not limited to, student safety and well- being, student support services and dealing with disputes and grievances.

Read the Code of Practice

Become an Authorised Agent

Unitec is currently not accepting new agent applications. However, please feel free send an email to

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