Renata Jadresin-Milic

Senior Lecturer, Academic Leader

Professional memberships

SAH - Society of Architectural Historians (since 2016)
SAHANZ - Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand (since 2016)
ICOMOS – International Council on Monument and Sites (since 2014)
INTBAU – International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism (since 2011)
EAHN - European Architectural History Network - Serbia correspondent (since 2008)
The Society of Conservators of Serbia (since 1998)


Renata is an architect and architectural historian. She holds undergraduate architectural degree, MSc and PhD from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade in Serbia, and fellowship from the Institute of Classical Architecture in New York (2002).

Renata has eighteen years of teaching experience at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, where she taught several courses: History of Architecture and Settlements, Theory of Architecture, Protection of Building Heritage, Styles and Forms in Architecture, Ancient Building Techniques, Design Studio 1 - 4, Visual Research, Architectural Graphics.

At Unitec Renata teaches courses in Critical Studies, Architectural Theory, Research Methods, and Design Studio 1 & 2.

Renata’s research interests are in the field of history and theory of architecture and their influence, application and use in contemporary architecture and design.

Renata holds award for the best PhD thesis in 2013 from the Institute for Architecture and Urban Planning of Serbia.


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