Prof Michael Austin

Location: Building 001, Room 1082

Professional memberships

NZ Institute of Architects
Member of World Society of Existics

Supervised thesis projects

Song, Yutong (2016). A dormitory could be more joyful : student housing
Laidlaw, Reagan (2016). Breaking through
Veber, Eloise (2015). Meeting at the Edge
Broatch, Hannah (2015). Housing for construction workers in Ahmedabad, India : is it possible to design sufficient housing for construction workers?
Baxter, Kyle (2015). "Disasterpiece" : how can architecture turn a human disaster into a positive contribution to an area that was affected?'
Belford-Lelaulu, John (2015). Le malofie : a research project invested in the exploration of Pacific art's influence on New Zealand's architecture
Kake, Bonnie Jade (2015). Pehiaweri Marae papakainga : a model for community regeneration in Te Tai Tokerau
McKenna, Kiri (2015). Parlour of the muses
Morris, Samuel (2015). Stimulating resilience : an architectural research project exploring gender based violence in internally displaced camps
Tregidga, Shane (2014). "The Steaks Are High" : how can architecture promote an intense grazing system that will define an educational farming facility that can bring forth a new and highly sustainable culture of beef farming?
Brown, Mathew R. (2014). A way of looking : an exploration into the representation of architecture
Crum, Ambrosia (2013). Ngahere atawhai : an exploration of a natural environment and an architecture driven by place to encourage the healing of people, the land and the relationships between them
Leung-Wai, Martin (2012). The taualuga: A spatial study. A considered look at space and movement
Trusewich, Shanta (2012). Sitting pretty : the architect & the chair
Fraser, Jamaine (2012). Hunting : connecting hunter, animal and environment
Geary, Whitney (2012). Water wharf : rediscovering the natural processes that support urban life
Wasek, Rafal (2012-10-29). Through the looking glass : an alternative modern history of Takapuna
Hutana, Steve (2011). Hamo Te Rangi : design for a contemporary urban marae
Scott-Woods, Brendan (2011). Exploring cultural gateways: Designing a new international airport terminal that represents New Zealand's cultural identity
Milbank, Anne (2011). O le nu'u o le ao: Polynesian domestic archetypes in Auckland
Hooper, Haley Chantal (2011). Barry's Point: An architectural exploration of site
Cudby, Aimee (2011). A transient life: Stripping life back to its basic daily rituals to focus on the art of socializing around a portable architecture
Smith-Frank, Courtney Jane (2011). The National Library and Archives of Cambodia: A design proposal for an addition to the existing National Library of Cambodia enabling it to encourage and sustain the continued growth and re-emergence of knowledge and culture in Cambodia.
Muir, Gemma (2011). A pattern language
Rashid, Maysum (2011). The adaptation of Islamic culture in a western society: "Building a contemporary mosque in Auckland"
Horvath, Nina (2010). Architecture & enlightenment: An exploration of the experiential possibilities of the constituents of architecture
Varney, Martin (2010). Contex-ture: The active edge and asymmetrical destabilisation
Holtom, Renee (2010). A Maori parliament
Banerjee, Shubhendu (Bobby) (2010). Appropriate vocabulary for a Hindu Temple design in Auckland
Hartono, Gian F.J. (2010). Script + architecture
Rahimi, Cyrus (2010). Architecture, the bridge between two ethnicities
Mahdavi, Hanieh (2010). Fusion of contemporary architecture with historic Persian elements
McNab, Adele (2010). Creative spaces: The application of arts and crafts in contemporary architecture
Thammavongsa, Nikorn (2009). Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre
Giblin, Kylie (2009). A woven shelter
Vulinovich, Rachel (2009). Performance space and public movement
Dowie, Callum (2009). Folding whare : deployable shelter for the 21st century
Hadler, Jacob (2009). Bigness in architecture
Dykstra, Les (2007). Aqua house: A house design that explores the possibility of integrating architecture and water, technically and aesthetically
Wong, Linda (2007). Visual tactility: Architectural photography and tactile design process


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