Paula Buckley

Project and Events Advisor
Creative Industries
Location: Building 001, Room 2117
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Buckley, P. (2016). Stars in her Eyes (graphic illustrations for film and promotional material). Ample Films & Unitec, Auckland, New Zealand.

Buckley, P. G. A., & Lee, A. (2016). The Airboat (remote control (or autonomous) water drone). GNS Science, Taupo, New Zealand.

Buckley, P. (2015). Product design of a pair of ergonomic crutches. Auckland, Artificial Limb Society.

Buckley, P., and Lee, A. (2014). Product design, underwater robot which is designed to take real-time water quality readings therefore pin point pollution sources. Designed as powerful environmental for the science community. .

Buckley, P., and Lee, A.M. (2014). Presentation to Tainui of product design. Water quality testing robot for a site related project to test toxins in community drinking water / river. Waikatio.

Buckley, P. (2014). Springback: Product Design of a Pair of Ergonomic Crutches (carbon fibre). New Zealand Artificial Limbs Service, Wellington, New Zealand.

Buckley, P. (2013). Product design: Pen : Arthritis aid object. WDHB -West.

Buckley, P., and remond, h. (2013). Milk bottle opening aid for people with grip impairment (Fonteria Partnership). Presented to Fontera.

Buckley, P. (2013). Product Design: Milk bottle pump to pierce and poor milk (Fonteria Partnership). Presentation to Fonteria.