David Chaplin

Location: Building 001, Room 2043C

Graduate supervision of theses

Dinkha, Sarkies (2017). Elementary architecture : architecture as a mechanism for alleviating mental health illness
Pauling, Craig (2016). Further down the track
Wrathall, Leila (2016). The scenic pathway : an architectural research project exploring an atmosphere around those facing their imminent demise
Farid, Zaki (2016-09). Islamic University in Kunar : a study of contemporary Islamic architecture in the context of Kunar, Afghanistan
Wang, Zhengyang (2015). Nature and architecture : an urban library. A study of the process of designing a new type of public architecture in the urban park context.
Fernandes, Paige (2015). A compact community : a high-density housing development that explores the concepts of compactness, transformability and community
Crowe, Shamus J. (2015). The people's wharf : how can architecture be used to transform Queens Wharf into a public space that engages the community, integrates existing infrastructure and improves public life?
Burgos, Christian (2015). Refuge heterotopia : an on-arrival reception centre for refugees resettling in New Zealand
Jordan, Jonathan (2014). City stitch : a study into how architecture can repair damaged urban fabric to create a vibrant urban environment
Mount, Jessica (2014). Through the roof : how can the architectural element - the roof - mediate climatic conditions in a New Zealand context and produce a more efficient, culturally relevant and tectonically expressive building?
Bulkeley, Anna (2014). Critical placemaking : critical regionalism in an increasingly globalised world
Pham, Harold (2014). Re-designing death : an expression of the human bereavement process through crematoria design
Sayers, Sebastian (2014). A museum of New Zealand architecture
Wyatt, Matthew (2014). Fluctuation space : how might a mega-event venue be programmed more intensively for long-term viability and social sustainability?
Kwan, Flora (2014). Piranesi : [th]reading the repository
Curtis, Joshua (2014). Coastal callback : an architectural research project exploring the fundamental relationship between New Zealand's built and coastal environments.
Keay, Jean Marilyn (2014). Rethinking the Apia waterfront : a masterplan and educational facility for the waterfront in Apia, Samoa.
Yasin, Arfa (2014). Place of worship : contemplating in a factory
Walls, Sekai (2013). Architecture as a work-in-progress
Peard, Byron Lynton (2013). "Per aspera ad astra" : through hardship to the stars : investigation of functional and aesthetic characteristics of a lunar architecture
Shaigan, Chloe (2013). Auckland as a water-city : utilisation of the urban waterways for settlement development
Rozov, Dmitry (2013). Carlile House : finding ways to preserve run-down heritage buildings through their adaptive reuse
Shi, Yuan (2013). Architecture as nature
Moore, Averil (2013). Join the dots : architecture of movement and connections
Lo, Sunny (2013). The pocket village : it takes a whole village to raise a child
Kumar, Ashneil (2013). Gateway : passenger experience and the airport terminal
Crya, Michael (2013). "Ludotopia" : promoting physical activity within the built environment
Crum, Ambrosia (2013). Ngahere atawhai : an exploration of a natural environment and an architecture driven by place to encourage the healing of people, the land and the relationships between them
Liu, Haidi (2013). 'Art improves the city' : an art centre project proposed in Chifeng, China
Edmonds, Matthew (2013). en.er.gize : adaptive reuse of an existing building
Croucher, Harry. (2012). Relational connections
Fung, Gabriel Ho Shing (2012). 'Common ground', transitional housing in Auckland, New Zealand
Zheng, Hao Su (2012). 融 Fusion: Church design for a new Christian group in Auckland
Watson, Kirsty (2012). Urbane graffiti
Roberts, Matthew L. (2012). Lunaris Posse - Lunar power : where the Waitemata meets the Manukau Harbour
Chapman-Smith, Toby (2012). Touchless touch : an architectural research project exploring the human relationship to wilderness heritage of the Poor Knights Islands Marine and Land Reserve
Smith-Frank, Courtney Jane (2011). The National Library and Archives of Cambodia: A design proposal for an addition to the existing National Library of Cambodia enabling it to encourage and sustain the continued growth and re-emergence of knowledge and culture in Cambodia.
Shang, Erxin (2011). A "pulpitumic" school: The place to project architecture into the consciousness of the public
Broadbent, John Edward (2011). Constraintly inhered habitation
Li, Zhenyu (2011). Tangible architecture: Proposal for a natural experience in a manmade environment
Wen, Rui (2010). Architecture and tradition
Dawkins, Rachel (2010). Engaging sensibilities: An exploration into architectural techniques for multi-sensory environments
Ware, Michael (2010). A 'House of Sweden' in Wellington, New Zealand


Chaplin, D. A. (2015). Back from the Edge Greek Village Houses: An Architect's Experience. Wellington, National Library, ISBN 978-0-473-32548-0.