Caroline Grose

Senior Lecturer
Creative Industries

Professional memberships

Board Member - New Zealand Writers Guild


Caroline Grose has worked in the screen industries for over eighteen years in a number of key positions including Screen Executive, Writer, Director, Project Developer & Consultant, Assistant Director and Lecturer.

Since the late nineties, she has had an extensive career in script and project development in her roles as Head of Development at the New Zealand Film Commission, Head of Development at production company Nice Pictures in Sydney, and as a Creative Executive at Fox Austraila. She has subsequently lectured in Screenwriting and Producing within the Masters of Screen Production at the University of Auckland, as well as regularly convening the Script Factory Script Report Writing Workshops on behalf of the UK Script Factory, New Zealand Film Commission and New Zealand Writers Guild. 

During her time as Head of Development at the New Zealand Film Commission, she oversaw the development and production of such Kiwi classics as In My Father's Den (Dir: Brad McGann); Out of the Blue (Dir: Rob Sarkies); Eagle Vs Shark (Dir: Taika Waititi); Sione's Wedding (Dir: Chris Graham) and Black Sheep (Dir: Jonathan King)

Caroline has a Master of Arts in Screen Production from the University of Auckland; a Graduate Diploma in Film & Television Production from the Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne); and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sydney.

As a writer, she has co-created two television series currently being developed with production companies based in North America and New Zealand.


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