Annabel Pretty

Senior Lecturer, Academic Leader
Location: Building 001, Room 2054


BA (Hons)., MFA.

Professional memberships

PDINZ - Professional member, Designers Insititute of New Zealand


Annabel Pretty, Academic Leader & Senior Lecturer; within Architecture (Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture) Unitec Institute of Technology.

She is a mobile architectural photographer, and designer who teaches second year studio within the Bachelor of Architecture programme as well as supervising a number of Masters (Prof) students. Formerly an Associate Head of Design School. Her current research interests lay in, representation of Architecture, live studio projects, design methodologies, e-learning technologies, and innovation within the wider Design and Architecture field.

She has been elected twice as New Zealand’s Executive board member for Cumulus Association; it is the only global association to serve art and design education and research, and is a forum for partnership and transfer of knowledge and best practices. Cumulus consists currently of 257 members from 54 countries.

Supervised thesis projects

Moginie, Amelia (2016). Arch + Alps
Philip, Mathew (2016). Public vertical transition : a thought experiment on a pre-emptive response to rapid urbanisation in urban centers in effort to de-privatise the sky
Gruber, K. (2015). Solitude in the city : the open cloister
Young, Daniel (2015). The changing space of education : how can design elements and spaces be combined with contemporary educational pedagogy to develop highly effective, future focused, Innovative Learning Environments, in a primary school setting?
Tyrrell, Nina (2015). Karangahape Road train station : an urban catalyst for revitalisation
Morgan, Peter (2015). Architecture of resilience : how can architecture instil resilience within communities in the face of future disasters?
Howat, Phillip (2015). Modular DIY architecture : how might a modular building block system be created to satisfy regulatory requirements for the revival of do it yourself to New Zealand architecture?


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