Dorthe Scheffmann

Senior Lecturer:
Creative Industries
Location: Building 006, Room 2035


Dorthe Scheffmann
 - Director, Producer, Writer, Teacher

Publications and presentations

Writer& director & producer: ‘The Funeral’ - short film                                                          1998

Director & producer: ‘The Beach’ - short film                                                                        1995

Director & producer: ‘The Bar’ - short film                                                                             1995

Executive producer: ‘Avondale Dogs’ - short film                                                                  1993    

‘The Beach’ Selected in Competition Palme d’Or 1996 Cannes Film Festival

‘The Beach’ selected to open the Dublin Film Festival 1997 - screened to celebrate “The 1997 International Year of Women”

‘The Beach’ Frances Ode prize 1996 Hamburg Short Film Festival

‘The Beach’ screened London, Telluride, Sydney, Hamburg Film Festivals

Master of Philosophy (2011) A Feminine Language in Cinema

Master of Arts Management (2009)


Dorthe Scheffmann began her career on the 1976 New Zealand film ‘Sleeping Dogs’. In the following decade she amassed credits as varied as continuity, props buyer, assistant director, production manager and production supervisor on many of the seminal New Zealand feature films of the 70s and 80s. She completed this period as the production supervisor on three features films; ‘Constance’ 1983, ‘Pallet on the Floor’ 1983, and ‘Came a Hot Friday’ in 1984.

In 1987, Dorthe formed This is it Ltd with director Gregor Nicholas. They went on to make many award winning commercials and in 1991 they produced the award winning short film ‘Avondale Dogs’. In 1995, she directed her first short films – ‘The Beach’ and ‘The Bar’. ‘The Beach’ was selected in competition at the Cannes Film Festival 1996 and won the Francois Ode prize at the 1996 Hamburg Short Film Festival. During this period, she was also involved in the setting up of the Ponsonby restaurant SPQR – which was designed as a vehicle for the self-funding of film projects.

Between 1999 and 2004, Dorthe directed television commercials - winning several awards. She executive produced for the New Zealand Film Commission, Short Film Fund and significantly in 2004, she line produced Stewart Mains the feature film ‘Fifty Ways of Saying Fabulous’.

Dorthe is currently in post-production on her first feature film ‘Vermilion’ which was funded by the NZFC and NZ on Air. ‘Vermilion’ is due to be completed in January 2018 and will be distributed by Rialto Group.

Dorthe is a doctoral student at AUT where her research field is concerned with a feminine language in cinema.

Post Graduate Supervision

King Adam, MA Media, Film &Television 2011 (Auckland University)   

Mallen Tania, MA Media, Film &Television 2011 (Auckland University) 

Fu Frank, MA Media, Film &Television 2011 (Auckland University)

Cunningham Prue, MA Media, Film &Television 2011 (Auckland University)

Van Heerdan Nicole, ‘Huia’ MA Media, Film &Television 2010 (Auckland University)      

Brown Shirin, ‘Plan B’ MA Media, Film &Television 2009 (Auckland University)                         

Kennedy Dena, ‘Joy’ MA Media, Film &Television 2009 (Auckland University)              

Castle Nicola ‘Red’ MA Media, Film &Television 2009 (Auckland University)                             

Humphrey Michael, ‘The Big Happiness’ MA Media, Film &Television 2007 (Auckland University)             

Chard Dione, ‘Driven’ MA Media, Film &Television 2007 (Auckland University)                          

Cahill-Chiaroni Esther ‘Chalk’ MA Media, Film &Television 2007 (Auckland University)   

Hikaka Kimberley ‘Honky Tonk’ MA Media, Film &Television 2006 (Auckland University)

Veart Paul ‘Crystal Palace’ MA Media, Film &Television 2006 (Auckland University)

Scantlebury Paul ‘Morningside’ MA Media, Film &Television 2005 (Auckland University) 

White Chris ‘Loose Ends’ MA Media, Film &Television 2005 (Auckland University)                    

Hedley Andrew ‘Spinning Top’ MA Media, Film &Television 2005 (Auckland University

Johnstone Nick ‘Andrea Allison’ MA Media, Film &Television 2005 (Auckland University)                                                                       


Scheffmann, D. (2012). A Feminine Language in Cinema. Thesis.