Jamie Mannion

Lecturer,Academic Leader, Specialistion Leader
Computer Science
Location: Building 183, Room 3001

Graduate supervision of completed theses/dissertations

(as Principal or Associate supervisor)

Leahy, Nicholas James (2016). What are the effects of sitting versus standing on perceptual reasoning performance throughout a simulated working day?
Robertson, Islay Louise (2016). To what extent does working from a standing desk affect working memory?
Henry, Aaron N. (2016). Thinking whilst standing : an examination of the effects of standing desks on cognitive processing speed
Haddadi, Seyed Houman (2016). To what extent does working from a standing desk affect cognitive attentional performance?
Little, Tessa (2015). The effect of experimental knee pain on contralateral quadriceps strength and thigh muscle activity
Torenvlied-Whiting, Lana (2015). An investigation into the effect of experimental knee pain on quadriceps muscle torque during different contraction types
Messersmith, Lorelei (2015). An exploration of the changes in signs and symptoms associated with sleep bruxism that follow osteopathic manual therapy : a pilot study
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Kim, Chulhwan (2014). Effectiveness of osteopathic manipulative treatment with home based exercises on progressed flexible pes planus
Ritter, Nicholas W. (2014). The effects of lumbar spine manipulation on the flexion-relaxation response in chronic low-back pain participants
McLeod, Michael (2014). An evaluation of a facilitator-led 'Run & Walk' health promotion initiative targeting inactive adult males. Supported by Men's Health Trust New Zealand & Unitec Institute of Technology
Gregorio, Gracela (2014). Descriptive sleep quality and quantity in first-time parents of healthy infants between 4-12 months of age
Deshmukh, Gajanan (2014). Exploring hamstrings flexion-relaxation phenomenon in experimental low back pain
Masters, Yashvant (2014). The effect of combining muscle energy technique with soft tissue massage on hamstring extensibility
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Hargovan, Bhakti (2012). The development of grading criteria and investigation of single rater test-retest reliability of selected floor sitting postures
Darragh, Tasman (2011). The effect of home-exercise with and without additional osteopathic treatment for those with shoulder impingement syndrome


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