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Xinxin Wang

School of Architecture
Location: Building 48, Room 2011

Professional memberships

International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP)

New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA)


Xinxin Wang is a Lecturer in the School of Architecture. She supervises master students and teaches senior design studios, as well as provides pastoral care for international students. Xinxin is a member of the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) and New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA). She is also a registered Principal Supervisor for Masters at Unitec.

Xinxin has a diverse range of expertise including Master Planning, Residential Community Design, Low Impact Urban Design and Green Infrastructure. She has given papers and presentations at universities and international conferences, including the University of Sydney and University of Auckland. Xinxin’s current research focus on the evaluation of integrated green-grey infrastructure in street retrofitting.

Prior to becoming an academic, Xinxin worked for 17 years in China, in the urban and landscape design field. Xinxin has been a Registered Urban Planner since 2001 and has designed over 100 projects for dozens of cities. One of her projects was recognised for awards from Urban Planning Society of China, eight of them were recognised for awards from Shandong Planning Association.

Graduate supervision of completed theses/dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Xinxin Wang as Associate Supervisor

Zhang, Meng (2019). The new urban catchment : cleaning up Cox's Creek (Master of Landscape Architecture)
Zhan, Jim (2019). Lookout : applying a process of design participation with children (Master of Landscape Architecture)
Jiang, Guanghui (2019). The urban regeneration of declining CBD periphery zones : the study of the Strand Station area in Auckland (Master of Landscape Architecture)
Sun, Teng (2019). The sponge city in New Zealand (Master of Landscape Architecture)


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Wang, X., Melchiors, L.C., & Bradbury, M. (2021). Onehunga waterfront and climate adaptation: A Unitec Landscape/Architecture studio. Asylum (Vol. 1(2020)).

Wang, X., Bradbury, M., & Melchiors, L.C. (2021). Climate Change and Housing: Exploring a new urban model to help build resilience to climate change. Asylum (Vol. 1(2021)).

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Bogunovich, D., Bradbury, B., Melchiors, L.C., & Wang, X. (2020). Landscape Regionalism: Sketching Auckland as a resilient city-region. Regional Design: A Transformative Approach to Planning, online.

Wang, X., Bradbury, M., & Melchiors, L.C. (2020). Learning through the multi-disciplinary studio. Unitec Research Symposium, Unitec.