Wing-Tai (Bobby) Hung

Academic Leader
Creative Industries
Location: Building 001, Room 2090


Hung, W.T. (2017). Create Your Flow. Auckland, New Zealand, Be Fly, Coca Cola Amatail NZ, Auckland.

Hung, W.T. (2017). Heart of the city. Auckland, NZ, Lemonade Design Ltd, Auckland, NZ.

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Hung, W. T. (2017). Kaitiaki. Auckland, NZ, Manawanui Oranga Hinengaro Services.

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Hung, W. T. (2017). Hope & Unity. Auckland, New Zealand, Community Waitakere, Avondale Central, 1919 Great North Road, Avondale.

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Hung, W. T. (2016). Visual culture and art-making: A snapshot of tertiary students in New Zealand and Hong Kong; Street art in New Zealand. Implications for it's community of artists and and visual arts education. Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.

Hung, W. T., (Artist) (2016). Real Time Web Series: Episode 1-7. Video installation. TMDS (Aerosol on Canvas). O. Laita, Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre, Auckland, New Zealand,.

Hung, W. T., (Artist) (2016). Art Sale For Phoenix. Spider Bear. Acrylic on Plywood Board. P. Atiga-Bridger. Tautai Pacific Arts Trust, Auckland, New Zealand, 2-11 November.

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Hung, W. T., (Artist) (2016). Yummy Sashimi (Digital Print 200gsm Matte Paper Stock). P. Woodruffe & W. T. Hung. White Night, Karangahape Road, Auckland, New Zealand, 12 March.

Hung, W. T. (2016). Bradley Lane Mural Project. Auckland, New Zealand. The Good The Bad Gallery, Glen Innes, Auckland.

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Hung, W. T., (Artist) (2015). Spectrum Street Art Festival. Sea gang warriors, (Aerosol on fiberboard), Berst (Aerosol on brick wall). Sea Gang Warriors (Aerosol on brick wall). G. Shaw. Oi You, YMCA. 12 December - 17 April.

Hung, W. T. (2015). Fishes to the flock. Auckland, New Zealand. Whitakers The Big Egg Hunt. Starship Foundation, Auckland, New Zealand.

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