Raoul Hoskins

Lecturer/Maori Studio Director (Architecture), Architecture; Lecturer, Tuapapa Rangahau, partnering Research and Enterprise
Location: Building 002

Graduate supervision of completed theses/dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Raoul Hoskins as Associate Supervisor

Samson, Therese (2017). Revisiting the archipelago (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Haghighi, Mana Talebi (2017-03). Co-designing primary learning space in Aotearoa New Zealand (Master of Design)
Pringle, Ryan (2016). Straw into gold : a low carbon approach to Christchurch's housing needs (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Kake, Bonnie Jade (2015). Pehiaweri Marae papakainga : a model for community regeneration in Te Tai Tokerau (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Callis, Kaitlyn Elizabeth (2014). Cross-cultural healing : an architectural response to Maori urban healthcare (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Waldo, Abby (2014). Design for diversity : an architectural response for rehabilitation and reconnection of ecological diversity (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Shah, Akshay (2014). Bamb'upyog : a bamboo ecological construction, learning and exhibition centre (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Nicholls, Naeri Robin (2013). Sustaining Maori culture through the representation of tribal history in architecture : Tirohia - Te Marae Karewa (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Crum, Ambrosia (2013). Ngahere atawhai : an exploration of a natural environment and an architecture driven by place to encourage the healing of people, the land and the relationships between them (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Hutana, Steve (2011). Hamo Te Rangi : design for a contemporary urban marae (Master of Architecture (Professional))


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