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Prof Linton Winder

Research Fellow
School of Environmental and Animal Sciences
Location: Building 115, Room 1039

Professional memberships

Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society.
Member of the New Zealand Entomological Society.
Member of the British Ecological Society.


Linton is an ecologist and entomologist. Main research interests include conservation biological control (using naturally occurring insects to control pests in crops) and the distribution of Coleoptera in tropical forest systems. Linton has spent most of his career in academia, having worked at the universities of Bournemouth, Plymouth and Exeter in the UK and the University of the South Pacific in the Fiji Islands. Teaching interests include quantitative methods, ecological theory and conservation management.

Linton is particularly interested in the way predatory beetles respond spatially and temporally to their prey. He has worked closely with statisticians (Professor Joe Perry, Dr Kelvin Conrad and Dr Colin Alexander) who have developed novel methods for characterising  spatial distributions of insects using a system called SADIE (Spatial Analysis by Distance Indices).

You can find out more about these methods by visiting Kelvin Conrad’s website: (

Linton also works closely with the Institute of Applied Sciences at the University of the South Pacific, collaborating with Professor Bill Aalbersberg, Marika Tuiwawa and Hilda Waqa-Sakiti on projects investigating the distribution of beetles within the Fiji Islands.


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