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Min Hall

School of Architecture

Professional memberships

Registered Architect
Member SNZ committee New Zealand Earth Building Standards


I am a Registered Architect with 30 years experience designing all manner of buildings and directing two architectural practices, I have received a number of NZIA awards including a Presidents Award for my contribution to environmental issues.

I teach in both the BAS and MArch programmes: Studio, Architectural Technology and Professional Business Management and have a particular interest in low energy architecture.

Research interests include earth building methods, bio-based building materials and the history of low carbon architecture in New Zealand.

Graduate supervision of completed theses/dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Min Hall as Principal Supervisor

Pullan, Brian (2019). From extraction to rejuvenation : how can architecture influence the re-purposing of quarries to suit an environmentally conscious urban environment? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Mou-Sang, Steeven (2019). Tahiti : between myth and reality (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Mirus, Annaliese (2018). Shedding light on the out of sight - the design for a sustainable community that investigates the physical environmental impacts of the average New Zealand household (Master of Architecture (Professional))
de Langen, Beatrix (2017). Incremental extension (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Ming, Hau Tan (2017). ALCHEMY a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination : waste - waste not (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Petterson, Kimberley (2017). Holistic health (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Chandra, Shableet (2017). Cultural habitat for the elderly : an aged care facility in a multicultural Fijian society (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Smith, Hannah (2017). Sound of silence. How can an architectural proposition enhance and promote ecological conservation, while facilitating an educated interaction between wildlife and humans? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Pringle, Ryan (2016). Straw into gold : a low carbon approach to Christchurch's housing needs (Master of Architecture (Professional))

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Min Hall as Associate Supervisor

McAuley, Joseph (2019). Groundwater-architecture : improving the social value of groundwater (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Roberts, Samuel (2018). Shaping density : how can high density form yield good urban places? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Berlin, Jake (2018). Cultured gentrification (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Su, Kevin (2018). A better way to live : community and collaboration (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Li, Yanan (2018). The regeneration of public building space in an urbanised centre : the future planning of Jinan Railway Station and its surrounding space (Master of Architecture (Professional))


Hall, M. (2018). Back to Earth. SAHANZ - Distance Looks Back, University of Sydney, Sydney Australia.

Hall, M. (2017). Mid-century earthen architecture in Aotearoa New Zealand - a new vernacular? C.Mileto, F.Vegas Lopez-Manzanares, L. Garcia-Soriano, V.Cristini, Vernacular and Earthen Architecture: Conservation and Sustainability.

Hall, M. (2017). More is less: more building, less emissions (title changed for paper to "Less and more in Aotearoa New Zealand: more houses and less CO2 emissions"). ASA 2017, Victoria University of Wellington.

Hall, M. (2017). Less and more in Aotearoa New Zealand: More houses and less CO2 emissions. M. A. Schnabel, Proceedings of the 51st International Conference of the Architectural Science Association (ANZAScA 2017) - Back to the Future: The Next 50 Years.

Hall, M. (2015). Guidelines for Strawbale Construction in New Zealand. BOINZ Senior Building Control Officers' Forum, Hamilton.

Forsyth, B., Hall, M., & Johnston, S. (2014). "Is there a place for natural building in New Zealand's conventional housing market?" A prefabricated straw bale case study. Building a Better New Zealand Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.

Hall, M. (2012). Straw bale in Aotearoa, New Zealand. International Straw Builders' Conference (ISBC 2012), Colorado, USA.