Matthew Bradbury

Associate Professor/ Academic Leader
Location: Building 1020


DipHort Massey., BArch (Hons) Auck., Fulbright Senior Scholar 2003-4., MLA (RMIT)

Professional memberships

Allied Professional, New Zealand Institute of Architects
Affiliate New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architecture


Matthews expertise as a landscape architect and urban designer has been recognized with a number of invitations and appointments including, serving on Auckland Councils Urban Design Panel, membership of the Aotea Square redevelopment Mayoral task force, judging the New Zealand Memorial Park competition, and appeared as an expert urban/landscape design witness at the Environment Court. Matthew was recently invited to help in the writing of the Auckland Spatial Plan.

Matthew has carried out important research into a new urban design model through the development of a methodology, which combines both landscape analysis and city design. The most recent research has been on the application of this model to the design of a new waterfront. Matthew has given papers and presentations of this work at many universities and international conferences, including the Harvard GSD. 
Matthew is acting programme leader of the Masters of Landscape Architecture by Project,  member of the Faculty Research committee, and member of the Faculty Environmentally Sustainable Strategy committee. Matthew is a member of the Faculty Masters by Design programme and is supervising a number of masters students. Matthew has also been invited to mark a number of master’s thesis from Auckland University of Technology, Auckland University, Massey University, and the University of New South Wales.  


Matthews teaching is in the areas of landscape and urban history and the development of the contemporary landscape. This focus of this teaching has been on the way history and contemporary practice effect the ways of making public space in the city. Matthews other teaching area is studio. Recent studio projects have focusing on the Auckland region and the way in which landscape architects can contribute to the building of a new city to accommodate the expecting one million new citizens.


Research Group

Matthew has been responsible for the setting up of a research group, Auckland Ecologies in 2011. This is a new research initiative launched by the Faculty of Creative Industries and Business, Unitec Institute of Technology. Finding connections between different disciplines; the visual arts, business, computing, landscape architecture, and architecture, Auckland Ecologies uses Auckland as a site in which to investigate both historical and contemporary urban issues.



Graduate supervision of completed theses/dissertations

(as Principal or Associate supervisor)

Chen, Shoujun (2016). AGRIHOOD : a new peri-urban agriculture system for Auckland : towards a sustainable farming centered residential development
Noronha, Shayne (2016). Rising tides and the future of coastal communities
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Gao, Yan (2015). Volcanic urbanism : an investigation into the role of public open spaces as disaster relief areas in order to make a city more resilient.
He, Yucui (2015). Multiculturalism in the urban landscape : create a better city with multicultural communities
Wang, Xinxin (2015-12-22). Preserving a green space network for a regional Auckland
McPherson, Peter James John (2014). Surface reality: geometry, craft and shape of the invisible world
Warne, Grace Ann (2014). Social interaction and the sustainable industrial landscape
Kettle, Elizabeth Elaine (Betsy) (2014). Daylighting waste : can community-based recycling depots become part of Auckland's everyday life?


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