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Krystina Kaza

School of Architecture
Location: Building 001, Room 2035

Graduate supervision of completed theses/dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Krystina Kaza as Principal Supervisor

Kachhia, Manisha (2020). One every 55 minutes (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Holakeituai, Walter Solomone Toutoupau'u (2019). 'a-ta : it's not what you say, it's where you sit (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Amanaki, Daniel (2019). Black Stone : constructing a ni-Vanuatu resistance against kastom loss (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Padmanabhan, Madhuvanthi (2019). Spiritual reawakening : the sacred revival of water (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Balaji, Karthik Krishna (2018). Breaking down the barrier : collaborating and educating farmers for protecting and cultivating farm land in India (Master of Architecture (Professional))
McSweeney, George (2018). Redefining the prison : transitioning back to society (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Weber, Pedro (2018). Plan B : an incremental housing project in Auckland (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Aya, Marisha (2017). Urban Bhishti : Infrastructure for the sacred (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Rattray, L. Mason (2016). Tipping the balance : integrative dairy farming for sustainable rural living (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Ure, James Alexander (2015). Redemption stream : architecturally weaving the Waihorotiu stream through Maori and Pakeha culture (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Smith, Daniel (2013). Humanitarian architecture : people, place & power. How can architecture inform or deter to the well-being of the community it inhabits? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Rajan, Georgy (2011). Eco-resort in rural India (Master of Architecture (Professional))

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Krystina Kaza as Associate Supervisor

Baker, Eloise (2019). In a prison, architecture is the world : damning denunciation of the Devil's Isle (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Bajwa, Jagdip Singh (2018). The agent of change : architectural development scheme for the rural communities in Punjab, India (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Rodrigues, Neil Craig (2016). Blurring the lines [:How can blurring the lines between theatre and performance create an alternative multipurpose performance space(s) which revitalises dormant urban spaces within the Aotea Quarter?] (Master of Architecture (Professional))
O'Neill, Jack (2016). I'm not gone : a new care environment for people with dementia (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Charoenkitkamjorn, Angsarin (2016). Thinking outside the (retail) box (Master of Architecture (Professional))
McKenna, Kiri (2015). Parlour of the muses (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Kuzma, Maria (2015). Oblique inclinations : re-establishing the function of the oblique (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Broatch, Hannah (2015). Housing for construction workers in Ahmedabad, India : is it possible to design sufficient housing for construction workers? (Master of Architecture)
Ayrey, Oliver (2015). The architecture of opportunity : creating the box for people to think out of (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Zhang, Chen (2015). Zigzagging through : an architectural research project that examines how the proposed hutongism building complex could create an architectural link between past and present in a historic run down area (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Blount, Arnika (2012). Wunderkammer : scenes of wonder, speculation and discovery (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Tostado Rodriguez, Alejandro (2012). The rediscovery of the sixth facade through gravitational explorations (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Najdjavadipour, Shahrzad (2011). Using the concept and architectural components of a bazaar as a means of creating architectural spaces that stimulate and awaken the senses (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Barzandeh, Melodi (2010). Fashion, architecture and the urban environment : the parallel relationships between fashion and architecture (Master of Architecture (Professional))


Kaza, Krystina., (Artist) (2018). I Rose, I Rise (wooden dowel, paper-covered wire, air-dried clay, jewellery findings) Lines Laid Parallel (wooden dowel, paper-covered wire, air-dried clay, jewellery findings) Follow and Find (Paper-covered wire, air-dried clay, jewellery findings). J.A. Kennedy, SPA_CE Gallery, Napier, New Zealand, 7 September - 6 October, 2018.

Kaza, Krystina., (Artist) (2018). Sans Serif (Paper coated wire, chain, eye hooks, jewellery findings). Reece J. King, State Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand,.

Kaza, Krystina., (Artist) (2018). Hunt for a Harp (wooden dowel, wire, cord, chain, aluminium dowel, jewellery findings). Happy Herald (paper-covered wire, air-dried clay, chain, jewellery findings). J.A. Kennedy, State Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, 21 July - 11 August, 2018.

Kaza, Krystina., (artist) (2018). Untitled 1 (cord, chain, wood, wire) Untitled 2 (canvas, acrylic paint, wooden dowel, paper coated wire, air dried clay, cord) Untitled 3 (steel mesh, air-dried clay, wooden dowel, wire, cord) Untitled 4 (canvas, acrylic paint, wooden dowel) Untitled 5 (canvas, acrylic paint, wooden dowel) Untitled 6 (wooden dowel, chain, wire). Chen, Hsiang-Wen, Taipei Artist Village Exhibition Space, Taipei, Taiwan, 9-25 March.

Kaza, K., (Artist) (2017). Markoa (air-dired clay sculpture), Roko (air-dried clay sculpture), Mem (air-dried clay sculpture). Jonathan Kennedy, IWT Project Space, Auckland, New Zealand, 27-30 October, 2017.

Kaza, Krystina., (artist), & Wagstaff, Taylor., (artist) (2016). Metamorphosis 1, powder coated steel, digitally printed silk, plastic coat hanger. Original Condition, powder coated steel. Anna Sisson, Dexter Edwards, Lucinda Bennett, Window Gallery, Auckland New Zealand.

Kaza, K A., (Contributing Artist) (2016). Colombo Art Biennale Slave Island Architecture Program. Gihan Karunaratne, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Kaza, K. (2015). Two works included: Svdig 1, Svdig 2 Sculptural works made of wood, digital print on silk. George Fraser Gallery Board, George Fraser Gallery, Auckland,.

Kaza, K. A. (2015). The Soft Logic of Russian Constructivism. University of Auckland, Auckland.

Kaza, K. (2015). NEVERODDOREVEN installation. Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University, Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland, New Zealand.

Budgett, J., McDonald, A., and Kaza, K. (2013). The unstable city. Unitec ePress: Auckland, New Zealand, Available at

Kaza, K. (2013). The Perfect Pet series of three-dimensional works. Auckland, New Zealand, University of Auckland, Elam School of Fine Arts.

Kaza, K. A. (2012). Symonds Street (a photogrammed diptych included as work in group exhibition). Auckland, NZ, Snow White Gallery.

Kaza, K. A. (2011). Studio 19: Assessing the Future of a New Zealand Design-Document-Build Studio. Proceedings of Fifth FARU Architectural Education Encounters Conference.

Kaza, K. A., and Rhodes, D. (2010). Night City. Exhibition of student work (Curators). Auckland, New Zealand. Objectspace Gallery, 17 December 2010 - 26 January 2011.

Kaza, K. A. (2010). The Otla: A Free Space in Balkrishna Doshi's Aranya Settlement. International Seminar on Vernacular Settlements No. 5, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 30-31 July.

Kaza, K., and Wagner, C. (2009). Reportogamming suburban Sunnynook as a metropolitian transport centre. Sixteenth International Seminar on Urban Form (ISUF 2009): Urban Morphology and Urgan Transformation.

Kaza, K. A. (2008). New Zealand Centre for Conservation Medicine at Auckland Zoo. Architecture New Zealand (Vol. 5).

Kaza, K. A. (2008). Kiwi Pav: A Modern Tent on Auckland's West Coast. Houses NZ (Vol. Issue 10).

Kaza, K. A. (2007). The Design of Urban Open Spaces for Sustainability: A Case Study of Balkrishna Doshi's Aranya Housing. The International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability (Vol. Volume 3, Issue 6).

Kaza, K. A. (2007). Higher Plane: A Hilltop House in Pokeno. Houses NZ (Vol. Issue 5).

Kaza, K. A. (2007). City Code Buster: Recombinant Urbanism. Architecture New Zealand (Vol. No. 3).