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Kerry Francis

School of Architecture
Location: Building 048, Room 2018

Graduate supervision of completed theses/dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Kerry Francis as Principal Supervisor

Stewart, Kalib (2021). Mending a broken 'Heartland' (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Hume, Sam (2021). Orbital vacancy (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Machado, Suellen (2020). "Choreo-tecture": Architectural choreography (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Henderson, Nadine (2020). Human form, architectural tools & unorthodox spaces (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Ho, Adrian Min Fui (2020). One of a kind : how can feng shui design principles respond and contribute to a safe and supportive care environment for people with dementia? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Pillay, Samuel Selby (2019). Preserving culture and heritage in the Seychelles : investigating architecture in an independent and remote island state, an ex -colony with a rich history & cultural diversity (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Hogan, Kieran (2018). Seeing is deceiving : illusionary architecture (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Zhang, Shirong (2018). Social living project for Chinese elderly people without family support (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Luo, Jack (2018). Good luck, have fun (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Hamilton, Tiffany (2017). Vertical sublime architecture (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Pirret, Louise (2017). Colours of recovery : healing the mind through a journey of community connections and architectural spaces (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Patfield, Ethan William Corbett (2017). Kintsukuroi : natural lighting, tectonics and materiality (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Bjorklund, Sam (2016). Resilient renovation : the architectural adaptation of the old suburbs for cohousing (Master of Architecture (Professional))
O'Neill, Jack (2016). I'm not gone : a new care environment for people with dementia (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Moginie, Amelia (2016). Arch + Alps (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Riley, Alexandra (2016). Mind mine : a memorial for Pike River Mine (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Isler, Sophie (2016). Salutogenic hospital design : how can the benefits of natural light be harnessed to create stress-reducing and healing healthcare environments? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Mamauag, Jonnel (2016). Spatial [re]mix : rethinking the production of mixed-use architecture in the urban context (Master of Architecture (Professional))
King, Ashton (2016). The space in-between - representing transcultural exchanges through architecture (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Zhang, Chen (2015). Zigzagging through : an architectural research project that examines how the proposed hutongism building complex could create an architectural link between past and present in a historic run down area (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Burgos, Christian (2015). Refuge heterotopia : an on-arrival reception centre for refugees resettling in New Zealand (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Kuzma, Maria (2015). Oblique inclinations : re-establishing the function of the oblique (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Gill, Nina-May (2015). Collision course : an investigation into live, learn and work environments enabling better transition from student to profession (Master of Architecture (Professional))
An, Jimin (2014). Korea Korea : architectural choreography of collateral collisions at the DMZ (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Taylor, Maria (2014). Hybrid infill : the search for an affordable housing solution (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Wang, Haunyu (2014). Avondale future vision (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Moore, Averil (2013). Join the dots : architecture of movement and connections (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Newman, Neil (2013). Un-common boundaries : an architectural interface between experience & protection (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Holehouse, Michael (2013). Conditional grounds : architecture for the Whangamarino wetland (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Shaigan, Chloe (2013). Auckland as a water-city : utilisation of the urban waterways for settlement development (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Qin, Yao (2013). How can existing 'six-storey' apartment buildings from circa 1980 - 1990 be redeveloped as a new mixed-use residential model in China? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Narsey, Shaneil (2013). Expressive space : engaging the architectural experience between the tectonic and stereotomic (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Manning, Scott (2012). Dromoscopic adaptation : realising the potential of spaghetti junction and obsolescent infrastructure (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Jack, Joanna (2012). Dead cities (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Soniega, Celine (2012). Lignification : the demise and rise of a seed warehouse (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Najdjavadipour, Shahrzad (2011). Using the concept and architectural components of a bazaar as a means of creating architectural spaces that stimulate and awaken the senses (Master of Architecture (Professional))

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Kerry Francis as Associate Supervisor

Acton, Laura (2021). Cementing a future (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Fletcher, Ruby (2020). Re-urbanising the small: An exploration of urban design principles in small-town new zealand - Te Awaroa (Helensville) (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Sayed, Saara (2019). Vertical schools ready for take off? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Amanaki, Daniel (2019). Black Stone : constructing a ni-Vanuatu resistance against kastom loss (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Gong, Meng (2018). Connecting water to architecture : encouraging the interaction between people and surroundings (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Green, Christopher (2018). Preserving Waihi's golden past : a research into the culture of the game and its engine to support and enrich an explorative engagement with Waihi's gold mining industry (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Wang, Yunxin (2017). Open a gated community in China (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Rean, Nicholas (2017). Arresting momentum : creating a sense of place in a multi-modal transit hub (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Bhaumik, Tuhiena (2017). The meld (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Craigie, Harrison (2017). Streets in the sky : how can architecture extend the public realm into the high-rise? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Sutherland, Briar (2016). Muddy waters (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Broatch, Hannah (2015). Housing for construction workers in Ahmedabad, India : is it possible to design sufficient housing for construction workers? (Master of Architecture)
Veber, Eloise (2015). Meeting at the Edge (Master of Architecture (Project))
Kwan, Flora (2014). Piranesi : [th]reading the repository (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Richardson, Lyn (2013). Adoration of the joint : investigation and translated application of jointing methods (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Rashid, Maysum (2011). The adaptation of Islamic culture in a western society : building a contemporary mosque in Auckland. (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Smith, Michael (2011). Zen - Christianity: A useful dialogue? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Fenwick, Tess (2011). Programme : Morphosis. How can spatial adaptability in architecture be improved using kinetic design strategies? (Master of Architecture (Professional))


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