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Ken Newlands

School of Applied Business
Location: Building 054, Room 2005


MBus AUT, BBus Massey, DipMgmt, NZCE

Professional memberships

Life Member Slopes Ski Club (Inc.) National Park NZ
Life Member Youth Hostel Association New Zealand
Fellow New Zealand Institute of Travel & Tourism


Ken has been involved with the travel and tourism industry since joining Air New Zealand's Commercial training School in 1985, where he gained international experience teaching for Air New Zealand and IATA.   He has been involved at Unitec since 1993 teaching across management, travel and tourism programmes.  In 2004 he assumed a programme director's role but has since become more involved in programme development, research and teaching.  His particular research interests include backpacker and working holiday tourists, cultural tourism, sustainablility in Auckland businesses as well as and sports and events tourism.  

For over ten years Ken serverd on both the Auckland Branch and the National Council of the New Zealand Institute of Travel and Tourism as well as retaining life membership of a North Island Ski Club. He recently became a business mentor assisting companies with their Business Award applications.

Graduate supervision of completed theses/dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Ken Newlands as Associate Supervisor

Sisouvong, Valaphone (2018). Brand identity and brand image of tourism destinations in Lao PDR (Master of Business)
Insiri, Kounjairthong (2016-06-17). The perception and preparation in terms of risk management of SMEs owners in Laos toward the joining of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) (Master of Business)
Chui, Chanthy (2015-07-23). The effects of HR strategic partnerships with business on organisational performance : experience of the Cambodian banking sector (Master of Business)
Misodi, Roy (2012). A best practice for small to medium enterprises in the adventure tourism sector to effectively manage regulatory compliance in Queenstown in New Zealand (Master of Business)
Sisavath, Phouthone (2012). Combating child sex tourism in a new tourism destination (Master of Business)


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