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Jo Mane

Te Puna Ako

Graduate supervision of completed theses/dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Jo Mane as Principal Supervisor

Dennis, Hurimoana (2019). Aue te Mamae : exploring Te Puea Memorial Marae's 'Te Manaaki Tangata Programme', as an indigenous response to homelessness in Tamaki Makaurau (Master of Applied Practice)
Westcott, Toni (2019). Factors that influence the efficacy of professional development in digital technologies for New Zealand primary school teachers (Master of Applied Practice)
Heaslip, Laraine (2019). Stories of resilience : supporting young women to thrive at secondary school (Master of Applied Practice)
Garbutt, Jan (2019). The landscape of teaching multi-age classes in a New Zealand secondary school (Master of Applied Practice)
Passmore, Anne (2019). Multi-level language teaching in a New Zealand secondary school : a practitioner research study (Master of Applied Practice)

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Jo Mane as Associate Supervisor

Mallinson, Philippa Lorraine (2019). How can knowledge building communities be developed in New Zealand secondary schools? (Master of Applied Practice)
Chukwurah, Winifred (2018). Experiences, symptoms and management related to chronic fatigue syndrome : a small study (Master of Applied Practice)


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