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Jeanette Budgett

Senior Lecturer
School of Architecture
Location: Building 048, Room or Level 2


BArch (Hons), Auckland MArch (with First Class Honours) Auckland

Professional memberships

Associate of the NZ Institute of Architects
Member of Heritage New Zealand
Member of SAHANZ



Jeanette Budgett is a Senior Lecturer and Academic Leader in the Masters of Architecture programme at UNITEC Institute of Technology. Her M. Architecture (2005) investigated coral mission-period architecture of the Cook Islands. A recent publication, The Unstable City (Unitec e-Press, 2013) discusses Auckland’s old shop buildings Her most recent architectural project was published in Big House Small House (2012). 

Graduate supervision of completed theses/dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Jeanette Budgett as Principal Supervisor

Narsa, Shivani (2021). Woven: The empowerment of women through textile craft revival in Ahmedabad (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Chiang, Ying Olivia (2020). Living memorial : 10 years after the Fukushima triple disaster (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Hansen, Jordan (2020). Connecting the city : Tauranga Library (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Karan, George (2020). Fiji Vale Ni Yaya Maroroi (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Vijayakumar, Yadharsh Yathin (2018). The Panmure Project : a programme for integrated co-working space within social housing (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Dinglasan, Raphael (2018). Into the ice : exploring an architectural identity in Antarctica (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Pedreira, Juan Blas (2018). "Strengthening Ha'apai". An architectural research project exploring the history of Pangai's fish market and port, proposing a working outcome to strengthening the Ha'apai island group (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Smith, Peta S. I. (2017). Synesthesia & the synthetic effect (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Bhaumik, Tuhiena (2017). The meld (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Samson, Therese (2017). Revisiting the archipelago (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Milne, Elizabeth (2016). Sing, sing urbanesia : a football stadium for Lae, Papua New Guinea (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Lawson, Sam (2016). Voids of war : an exploration of memorial culture & veteran support (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Sutherland, Briar (2016). Muddy waters (Master of Architecture (Professional))
McIntosh, Jacqueline (2016). Retrofitting the low-income suburb (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Trevena, Bridget Ann (2015). Design Incubator : a vision for architectural education in the twenty-first century (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Ayrey, Oliver (2015). The architecture of opportunity : creating the box for people to think out of (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Abid, Noor (2015). Infusing wellness : rejuvenation centre : a threshold from industrial to natural realm. An architectural research project exploring the elements of well-being provided by architecture and nature. (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Solanki, Ravi (2015). A life on Mars : an architectural research project into the creation of a permanent human presence on the surface of Mars (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Malcolm, Jessica (2014). Factory in the field : how might the New Zealand creamery be developed as a compelling tourist destination, whilst enhancing the architecture of the utilitarian factory? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Liew, Nicola (2014). Rites of remembrance : an architectural research project exploring the funerary requirements of modern day secular New Zealand society (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Yasin, Arfa (2014). Place of worship : contemplating in a factory (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Mount, Jessica (2014). Through the roof : how can the architectural element - the roof - mediate climatic conditions in a New Zealand context and produce a more efficient, culturally relevant and tectonically expressive building? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Cook, David (2013). Rebuilding Christchurch rebuilding history : an architectural research project that examines how a theatre proposal may instigate an architectural dialogue with/or about the heritage of Christchurch in a post-earthquake context (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Matamu, Hermann (2012). Speculation on architecture in the absence of gravity : how might architectural elements and design strategies function in outer space? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Croucher, Harry (2012). Relational connections (Master of Architecture (Professional))

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Jeanette Budgett as Associate Supervisor

Hume, Sam (2021). Orbital vacancy (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Kumar, Praneel (2020). Beyond the battlefield: Journey to a better place (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Pon, Surya (2020). Place-making: An urban lifestyle complex (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Kachhia, Manisha (2020). One every 55 minutes (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Pillay, Samuel Selby (2019). Preserving culture and heritage in the Seychelles : investigating architecture in an independent and remote island state, an ex -colony with a rich history & cultural diversity (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Campbell, Gemma (2019). A mindful collaboration : a timber design-build (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Clayton, Natasha (2018). Spaces we hear : closing the gap between architecture and the soundscape (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Petterson, Kimberley (2017). Holistic health (Master of Architecture (Professional))
van der Westhuizen, Ryan (2017). Urban | Suburban :an investigation into the effects of transport and planning on Auckland's built form (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Moser, Alisha (2017). The 7th Generation: cooperative housing to facilitate domestic support (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Wang, Chengyan (2016). A journey through sound and light : Waikumete cemetery new development (Master of Architecture (Professional))
West, Ashley (2016). Filling the blanks : a suburban opportunity for wellbeing (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Kostiuk-Warren, J. Max (2015). A home today, designed for tomorrow : a home which can be added onto, subtracted from, and adapted as our lives change over time (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Crowe, Shamus J. (2015). The people's wharf : how can architecture be used to transform Queens Wharf into a public space that engages the community, integrates existing infrastructure and improves public life? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Baxter, Kyle (2015). "Disasterpiece" : how can architecture turn a human disaster into a positive contribution to an area that was affected?' (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Hendriks, Chanel (2015). Beyond the red fence (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Undevia, Suchi (2015-10). Pit stop : stitching together medical facility and transport infrastructure (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Wyatt, Matthew (2014). Fluctuation space : how might a mega-event venue be programmed more intensively for long-term viability and social sustainability? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Roake-Barefoot, Brett (2014). Reflections & reverb (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Qin, Yao (2013). How can existing 'six-storey' apartment buildings from circa 1980 - 1990 be redeveloped as a new mixed-use residential model in China? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Mak, King Wah (Jim) (2012). Human / Storage - the H.I.V.E. system (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Lockie, Carley Maree (2012). Mt Rex : Hybrid-programming within an industrial terrain vague. A means towards the reinvigoration of a marginalised community. (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Cudby, Aimee (2011). A transient life: Stripping life back to its basic daily rituals to focus on the art of socializing around a portable architecture (Master of Architecture (Professional))


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