Gloria Hao

Senior Lecturer, Academic Leader
Business Practice
Location: Building 054, Room 2007

Professional memberships

1.CA ,Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand
2.CPA,CPA Australia


Dr Gloria Hao is a lecturer in the Department of Accounting and Finance at Unitec Institute of Technology.

Before she came to Unitec in 2013, Dr Hao had worked for Shandong Economic University (SEU, at present called Shandong University of Finance and Economics) for 18 years. She was an Associate Professor in the Accounting School and the head of the Basic Accounting Teaching and Researching Section. Dr Hao has taught  Accounting Principles, Accounting Theory, Financial Accounting, Accounting English, Financial Management and International Accounting.

Dr Hao is an academic supervisor for master’s degree candidates and has tutored 17 postgraduate students. She was also a visiting scholar at San Jose State University from Dec 2008 to Feb 2010.

Dr Hao has published more than 20 academic articles and six books. She has hosted three government subsidised projects and participated in some other research projects. Her research interests are Accounting Theory, Financial Analysis, Agricultural Accounting and Comparative Accounting.


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