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Dr Judy Nicholson

Senior Lecturer
School of Environmental and Animal Sciences


BSc(Hons)., PhD

Professional memberships

Present: Member UNITEC Research Ethics Committee
1990-1998 Member of the Auckland Regional Biology Education Committee
1985-1990 Member of Auckland Science Teachers Association
1970-1976 Member NZ Microbiological Society


Judy's fascination with living organisms and their environment was developed as she grew up on the West Coast with bush, birds and streams at her back door. At University she majored in zoology and botany, focussing on microbiology in her honours year.

After completing her PhD. Judy taught microbiology, molecular biology and genetics at Canterbury and Otago Universities before moving to Vanderbilt University in the US and teaching similar courses for five years. During that time her research ranged from mycotoxins in animal foods to bacterial assays for environmental carcinogens.

On returning to NZ she taught in a range of universities, technical institutes and secondary schools. During this time she recognised a passion for teaching along with a growing curiosity about interactions between health and disease in animals (including humans) and their environments.

She joined the Faculty of Health at Unitec in1992 and the last twenty years have proved even more varied and challenging than the previous twenty. After three years teaching anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology she was appointed Head of Department of Health Sciences. The next eight years saw this department foster the introduction of degrees in sport and osteopathy, development of Masters degrees in Health Science and Osteopathy as well as the diversification of vocational animal programmes and introduction of a degree. Research during those years was into the control of motor function in humans.

Her final management position was as head of the new department of Animal Health and Welfare, working with colleagues to grow and consolidate this department and its programmes until restructuring saw it merge into Natural Sciences.

She is now a Senior Lecturer and feels liberated to pursue her passions which are still teaching, particularly relating to animal health and working on strategies to embed literacy and numeracy skills into her teaching. She is also keenly pursuing her role as a supervisor of final year student research projects in a variety of health related topics


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