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Dr Hamish Foote

Senior Lecturer
School of Architecture
Location: Building 048, Room 2011


Hamish graduated with a Doctorate in Fine Arts in 2005 from the University of Auckland, and has been teaching art, architecture and landscape architecture since 1996.
Hamish is also a practicing artist, consistently exhibiting work in both private and public galleries since the early 1980s.
Ongoing, alongside artistic and academic commitments, is an engagement of over 20 years in garden design and management. Hamish has a rigorous and intense interest in plants and general nomenclature, which become dominant themes explored in the methodology of his design work.

Research: Hamish's past research has focused on the ramifications in New Zealand of colonization, in particular: the intersection of exotic and endemic species; neo-European landscapes; and the natural history enthusiasts that instigated and recorded New Zealand colonization. More recently research activity has shifted towards landscape analysis and design methodology.


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Graduate supervision of completed theses/dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Hamish Foote as Principal Supervisor

de Silva, Achini Rosini (2021). Home away from home: A humanitarian project (Master of Architecture (Professional))
van der Geest, Trystan (2020). Twice exceptional : shaping supportive environments for neurodiversity (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Rigby, Cameron Stephen (2020). A cancer centre cure : re-envisioning the healing environment (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Mortuza, Fauzia (2020). Eudaimonia to flourish (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Nunnerley, Ben Hardie (2020). A rural respite (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Krishnamoorthy, Vignesh (2019). ATyPICAL : conducive learning environments for children with ASD (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Medemblik, Devlin (2019). Raising resilience (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Kadwell, Michael Edward (2019). Intergenerational healing : redefining the healthcare environment (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Mosley, Sarah (2019). Highly nurtured : child development in a high-rise typology (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Berlin, Jake (2018). Cultured gentrification (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Avery, Zoe (2018). Living roofs + living urbanism (Master of Landscape Architecture)
Park, Jane (2018). Sound landscapes : the past, the present and the possible (Master of Landscape Architecture)
Jenkins, Deyandra (2017). Rise to the challenge : vertical farming within the urban environment (Master of Architecture (Professional))
He, Yucui (2015). Multiculturalism in the urban landscape : create a better city with multicultural communities (Master of Landscape Architecture)
Heng, Rithy (2015-10). Remediation in Phnom Penh, Cambodia : landscape strategies and collaboration (Master of Landscape Architecture)
Frances, Helen (2014). At the confluence : heritage, landscape and the construction of belonging (Master of Landscape Architecture)
Milne, Elizabeth (2011). Spatial status: The homeless and urban space (Master of Landscape Architecture)
Yu, Yushan (Joelle) (2010). How can landscape function as a medium for integrating stadium events and surrounding suburbs? Eden Park, Kingsland (Master of Landscape Architecture)

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Hamish Foote as Associate Supervisor

Cooper, Kieran (2021). Voice of the voiceless: Empowering young people through music (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Gopalakrishnan, Dev Einstein Ayyaru (2021). Hope in oncology facility (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Narsa, Shivani (2021). Woven: The empowerment of women through textile craft revival in Ahmedabad (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Zou, Yujie (Jason) (2018). From village to "Village" (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Mirus, Annaliese (2018). Shedding light on the out of sight - the design for a sustainable community that investigates the physical environmental impacts of the average New Zealand household (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Rigden, Sarah (2017). The biophilic learning environment : an alternative to the current New Zealand Innovative Learning Environment model (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Ming, Hau Tan (2017). ALCHEMY a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination : waste - waste not (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Kangatharan, Shanmugam (2016). Creating an effective public transport network while also developing attractive coastal communities via designing new water-borne transport nodes in Auckland (Master of Landscape Architecture)
Bhatt, Komal (2016-07). Cemeteries as healing landscapes (Master of Landscape Architecture)


Pretty, A., & Foote, H. (2021). The Rabbit, the Ermine and the Gaze. Auckland, New Zealand, Perspectives in Biosecurity (Vol. Unitec ePress).

Foote, H., & Pretty, A. C. (2020). Psalm. Asylum 2020, Unitec ePress, Asylum 2020 ePress (Vol. 4(4)).

Cornish, B., (Artist), & Foote, H., (Artist) (2019). Leucism I, egg tempera on gessoed kauri panel. Leucism II, egg tempera on gessoed kauri panel. Leucism III, egg tempera on gessoed kauri panel. Ermine, egg tempera on gessoed kauri panel. Fairy Tern, water colour + titanium white. Black Petrel, water colour + Chinese white. Libby Storey, Artis, Auckland, New Zealand, 13th August - 2nd September, 2019.

Aquilar, G., Blanchon, D., Foote, H., & Fraser, D. (2018). Potential spread of invasive species in NZ: modelling, mapping & art. 2018 New Zealand ESRI User Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.

Foote, H., (Artist) (2018). Beilschmiedia tarairi and Queensland Fruit Flies (watercolour). S Benham (botanical artist), Dr. R. Ferguson (Horticultural Scientist and Botanical Art Collector), and R. Stanley. Auckland Botanic Gardens 30 March - 1 July 2018. Wellington Botanic Gardens 1 August - 9 September 2018. Millennium Gallery, Blenheim 3 November - 9 December 2018.

Aquilar, G.D., Blanchon, D.J., Foote, H., Pollanais, C.W., & Mosee, A.N. (2017). A Performance based consensus approach for predicting spatial extent of the Chinese windmill palm (Trachycarpus fortunei) in New Zealand under climate change. Ecological Informatics (Vol. Volume 39).

Foote, H., Blanchon, DJ., Waipara, N., & Aguilar, G. (2017). Alien Nation: Art serving science and science serving art. Perspectives in Biosecurity (Vol. 2).

Foote, H., & Griffiths, C. P. (2016). A Delicate Balancing Act. X-Section (Vol. 6).

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Foote, H. A. (2015). The Bird Show. A group exhibition curated by Mandy Thomsett-Taylor at The Vivian, Matakana, New Zealand.17th January - 15 February 2015. Two egg tempera paintings on gessoed wooden panel: Glory be to God, Anonymous and the Kakariki 1. Mandy Thomsett-Taylor, The Vivian, Matakana, New Zealand. 17th January - 15 February 2015.

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