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Dr Cristiaan de Groot

Senior Academic Leader Business and Innovation
School of Creative Industries
Location: Building 076, Room 2027


BSc (Hons) South Bank University., MA I.D Central St. Martins., PhD University of Central England.,


Dr. Cris de Groot is both a commercial and consultant designer, and a research academic. Trained as an industrial designer and with a PhD in experience design, Cris then spent several years in London as an innovation consultant, setting up both the 'nowhere' group of companies and also the not-for-profit Design Transformation Group. Here at Unitec in Auckland Cris has lectured and supervised at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and in recent years has established New Zealand's first collaborative design and innovation research facility (aka the Hothouse).

Cris' interests include: Qualitative Design Research techniques, Phenomenology, Experience Design, Black-Boxes, Magic, Systemic and Strategic Design, Sustainable Design, Collaborative Innovation, Psychology and Physiology of Creaticity.

Graduate supervision of completed theses/dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Cristiaan de Groot as Principal Supervisor

Sips, Nicole (2018). 'Not durable, but sustainable': print technology and ephemerality in product design (Master of Design)
Key, Robert (2013). What is a design language in the service of the experience of light? Exegesis. (Master of Design)
Gamble, Simon (2011). Horological furniture: An investigation into temporal form (Master of Design)
Shaw, Robert (2011). Designing the Shaw 9 metre: How does the process of design inform the development of a 9 metre racing yacht? (Master of Design)
Teinaki, Victoria (2008). Tactile technologies (Master of Design)
Gargiulo, David (2008). Active objects, passive dramas: How may design re-appropriate tools from the art of dramaturgy in the service of developing more meaningful products? (Master of Design)
Halfon, Amitai (2007). How can products adapt to the challenges of the experience economy? (Master of Design)


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de Groot, Cristiaan., & Yee, Nigel. (2019). Autonomous Hive-Mounted Miticide Delivery Device. Pheromite Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand.

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