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Dr Christoph Schnoor

Associate Professor
School of Architecture
Location: Building 001, Room 2052

Professional memberships

SAHANZ (Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand)


Dr.-Ing. Christoph Schnoor received his doctorate on Le Corbusier’s early urban design treatise, “La Construction des villes” from Technical University Berlin in 2002. His research areas are: the architecture and perception of urban space; history and theory of modernist architecture, in particular on Le Corbusier; the historiography of modernist architecture through the writings of British-born architect and historian Colin Rowe and Swiss architect Bernhard Hoesli; and theorizing architectural transfer, such as the German colonial architecture in Samoa or émigré architect Ernst Plischke’s architecture between Vienna and Wellington, New Zealand.

Graduate supervision of completed theses/dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Christoph Schnoor as Principal Supervisor

Salapura, Aishwarya (2019). A creative arts-lab for the visually impaired (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Mecalfe, Liam (2019). The city of play : reconfiguring the urban environment (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Mataia, Venus (2019). Measina o Samoa : preserving the treasures of Samoa (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Jenkin, Eva (2019). A museum of the West (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Topless, Jacqueline (2019). Welcome home : return, rehabilitation and reconnection; architecture as a kaitiaki for taonga Maori (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Lawrence, Dijo (2019). Duet with nature : a site for music (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Clayton, Natasha (2018). Spaces we hear : closing the gap between architecture and the soundscape (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Pearce, Emily (2018). Not a monastery : transposing and interpreting the ancient typology (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Smith, Sianne Justine (2018). Architecture of perception : communicating meaning through phenomenological and multisensory-driven design (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Bajallan, Basma (2017). Sustaining growth through live-work (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Couchman, Alice (2017). The river archive (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Bell, Taylor Ryan (2017). A concept made concrete : conserving a Brutalist icon through architectural intervention (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Craigie, Harrison (2017). Streets in the sky : how can architecture extend the public realm into the high-rise? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Gillies, Sophie (2017). "Sewing the seed" : an urban farming education centre in Orakei (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Laidlaw, Reagan (2016). Breaking through (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Kostiuk-Warren, J. Max (2015). A home today, designed for tomorrow : a home which can be added onto, subtracted from, and adapted as our lives change over time (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Kwan, Flora (2014). Piranesi : [th]reading the repository (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Keay, Jean Marilyn (2014). Rethinking the Apia waterfront : a masterplan and educational facility for the waterfront in Apia, Samoa. (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Shahram, Shandiz (2014). Architectural analysis : a methodology to understand and inform the design of spaces (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Liu, Haidi (2013). 'Art improves the city' : an art centre project proposed in Chifeng, China (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Eisenhauer, Jurgen (2013). Empathetic kinaesthesia : sport within architecture (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Sedon, Laura (2013). The wall, the joint, the window, stair and door (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Storrie, Alastair (2012). Decoherence : Mount Albert Science Center (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Blount, Arnika (2012). Wunderkammer : scenes of wonder, speculation and discovery (Master of Architecture (Professional))
King, Jason (2012). Transitions and thresholds in the urban environment : activating space and identifying place (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Smith, Michael (2011). Zen - Christianity: A useful dialogue? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Shang, Erxin (2011). A "pulpitumic" school: The place to project architecture into the consciousness of the public (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Fenwick, Tess (2011). Programme : Morphosis. How can spatial adaptability in architecture be improved using kinetic design strategies? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Gavin, Moira (2011). Empowerment by architecture: Design of Auckland's rehabilitation unit (Master of Architecture (Professional))

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Christoph Schnoor as Associate Supervisor

Holakeituai, Walter Solomone Toutoupau'u (2019). 'a-ta : it's not what you say, it's where you sit (Master of Architecture (Professional))
McLeod, Cameron John (2017). Powerful landmark : re-energizing Huntly (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Pirret, Louise (2017). Colours of recovery : healing the mind through a journey of community connections and architectural spaces (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Vaglenarova, Ivana (2017). Finding the forgotten : a project that invigorates the cultural identity of Macedonia through architecture (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Howse, William (2017). Functional heritage : reconnecting with the iron web (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Keegan, Rory David Nunweek (2016). Water reigns : an urban storm water treatment facility for Auckland City that educates the public about the issues surrounding the supply of clean water (Master of Architecture (Professional))
King, Ashton (2016). The space in-between - representing transcultural exchanges through architecture (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Rattray, L. Mason (2016). Tipping the balance : integrative dairy farming for sustainable rural living (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Belford-Lelaulu, John (2015). Le malofie : a research project invested in the exploration of Pacific art's influence on New Zealand's architecture (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Truong, Thanh Thuy (2015). The oneness of Eastern heart & Western mind in future workspace (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Undevia, Suchi (2015-10). Pit stop : stitching together medical facility and transport infrastructure (Master of Architecture (Professional))
An, Jimin (2014). Korea Korea : architectural choreography of collateral collisions at the DMZ (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Mount, Jessica (2014). Through the roof : how can the architectural element - the roof - mediate climatic conditions in a New Zealand context and produce a more efficient, culturally relevant and tectonically expressive building? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Walls, Sekai (2013). Architecture as a work-in-progress (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Yang, Fan (Frank) (2013). Culture and travel centre : cultural and functional diversity (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Chalmers, Joseph (2013). Boundaries in architecture (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Croucher, Harry (2012). Relational connections (Master of Architecture (Professional))


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