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David Chaplin

School of Architecture
Location: Building 001, Room 2043C

Graduate supervision of completed theses/dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by David Chaplin as Principal Supervisor

Posala, Carleone (2018). Dead reckoning : curating the currents of Oceania on a journey towards rediscovery (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Green, Christopher (2018). Preserving Waihi's golden past : a research into the culture of the game and its engine to support and enrich an explorative engagement with Waihi's gold mining industry (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Frankum, Andrew (2017). Motu Kokako : tools for design in a sensitive and remote natural environment (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Dinkha, Sarkies (2017). Elementary architecture : architecture as a mechanism for alleviating mental health illness (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Wrathall, Leila (2016). The scenic pathway : an architectural research project exploring an atmosphere around those facing their imminent demise (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Farid, Zaki (2016-09). Islamic University in Kunar : a study of contemporary Islamic architecture in the context of Kunar, Afghanistan (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Wang, Zhengyang (2015). Nature and architecture : an urban library. A study of the process of designing a new type of public architecture in the urban park context. (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Fernandes, Paige (2015). A compact community : a high-density housing development that explores the concepts of compactness, transformability and community (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Crowe, Shamus J. (2015). The people's wharf : how can architecture be used to transform Queens Wharf into a public space that engages the community, integrates existing infrastructure and improves public life? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Pham, Harold (2014). Re-designing death : an expression of the human bereavement process through crematoria design (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Lo, Sunny (2013). The pocket village : it takes a whole village to raise a child (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Fung, Gabriel Ho Shing (2012). 'Common ground' : transitional housing in Auckland, New Zealand (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Zheng, Hao Su (2012). 融 Fusion : church design for a new Christian group in Auckland (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Chapman-Smith, Toby (2012). Touchless touch : an architectural research project exploring the human relationship to wilderness heritage of the Poor Knights Islands Marine and Land Reserve (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Broadbent, John Edward (2011). Constraintly inhered habitation (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Li, Zhenyu (2011). Tangible architecture: Proposal for a natural experience in a manmade environment (Master of Architecture (Professional))

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by David Chaplin as Associate Supervisor

Forlong, Kaye (2018). Earth - sky - infinity : New Zealand's emerging space program (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Pauling, Craig (2016). Further down the track (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Burgos, Christian (2015). Refuge heterotopia : an on-arrival reception centre for refugees resettling in New Zealand (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Jordan, Jonathan (2014). City stitch : a study into how architecture can repair damaged urban fabric to create a vibrant urban environment (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Mount, Jessica (2014). Through the roof : how can the architectural element - the roof - mediate climatic conditions in a New Zealand context and produce a more efficient, culturally relevant and tectonically expressive building? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Bulkeley, Anna (2014). Critical placemaking : critical regionalism in an increasingly globalised world (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Sayers, Sebastian (2014). A museum of New Zealand architecture (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Wyatt, Matthew (2014). Fluctuation space : how might a mega-event venue be programmed more intensively for long-term viability and social sustainability? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Kwan, Flora (2014). Piranesi : [th]reading the repository (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Curtis, Joshua (2014). Coastal callback : an architectural research project exploring the fundamental relationship between New Zealand's built and coastal environments. (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Keay, Jean Marilyn (2014). Rethinking the Apia waterfront : a masterplan and educational facility for the waterfront in Apia, Samoa. (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Yasin, Arfa (2014). Place of worship : contemplating in a factory (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Walls, Sekai (2013). Architecture as a work-in-progress (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Peard, Byron Lynton (2013). "Per aspera ad astra" : through hardship to the stars : investigation of functional and aesthetic characteristics of a lunar architecture (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Shaigan, Chloe (2013). Auckland as a water-city : utilisation of the urban waterways for settlement development (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Rozov, Dmitry (2013). Carlile House : finding ways to preserve run-down heritage buildings through their adaptive reuse (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Shi, Yuan (2013). Architecture as nature (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Moore, Averil (2013). Join the dots : architecture of movement and connections (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Kumar, Ashneil (2013). Gateway : passenger experience and the airport terminal (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Crya, Michael (2013). "Ludotopia" : promoting physical activity within the built environment (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Crum, Ambrosia (2013). Ngahere atawhai : an exploration of a natural environment and an architecture driven by place to encourage the healing of people, the land and the relationships between them (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Liu, Haidi (2013). 'Art improves the city' : an art centre project proposed in Chifeng, China (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Edmonds, Matthew (2013). : adaptive reuse of an existing building (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Croucher, Harry (2012). Relational connections (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Watson, Kirsty (2012). Urbane graffiti (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Roberts, Matthew L. (2012). Lunaris Posse - Lunar power : where the Waitemata meets the Manukau Harbour (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Smith-Frank, Courtney Jane (2011). The National Library and Archives of Cambodia: A design proposal for an addition to the existing National Library of Cambodia enabling it to encourage and sustain the continued growth and re-emergence of knowledge and culture in Cambodia. (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Shang, Erxin (2011). A "pulpitumic" school: The place to project architecture into the consciousness of the public (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Wen, Rui (2010). Architecture and tradition (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Dawkins, Rachel (2010). Engaging sensibilities: An exploration into architectural techniques for multi-sensory environments (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Ware, Michael (2010). A 'House of Sweden' in Wellington, New Zealand (Master of Architecture (Professional))


Chaplin, D. A. (2015). Back from the Edge Greek Village Houses: An Architect's Experience. Wellington, National Library, ISBN 978-0-473-32548-0.