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Daniel Wagner

Senior Lecturer, Cinematography/Emerging Technologies, Academic Leader
School of Creative Industries
Location: Building 001, Room 3008

Professional memberships

NZ Cinematographer's Society
NZ Film & Video Technician's Guild


Dan has been working in various aspects of the entertainment industry since the mid 70's. He served as Director of Traffic and Continuity at a public TV station in Los Angeles, and also trained Camera Operators there.

Moving to San Francisco in 1980, Dan became a segment producer for a local TV programme, also directing music videos for some influential left-field bands of the day. It was another year before MTV started-up (August 1981), so there were very few models for video clips, putting Dan on the ground floor of the music video phenomenon in Northern California. He also founded 3rd Rail Media, a production company creating music videos and commercials, shooting all on videotape.

But when he discovered film production in 1984, his whole world changed. He realized that film was “where it was at”. So he moved back to hometown LA in 1987 and sought work as a Motion Picture Camera Assistant. Between May 1988 and May 2004, he was the Focus Puller on over 280 TV Commercials, over 70 Music Videos, 5 theatrical features and 8 TV movies. He also was Camera Operator on over 30 Commercials and Director of Photography on numerous music videos and spec commercials in the LA area.

Dan moved with his family to New Zealand in 2004, and has continued to shoot short films and commercial projects. He is a Senior Lecturer in Camera in the Film & Television area of the Department of Performing and Screen Arts, and also coordinates the Emerging Technologies stream.

His research focuses on applying conventional filmmaking methodologies to the developing protocols of emerging media.


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