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Cesar Wagner

Senior Lecturer
School of Architecture
Location: Building 048, Room 2016


BArch (UFRGS-Arch&Urb) Porto Alegre., MA (AA-Hsg&Urb) London.

Professional memberships

Register Architect and Urban Designer at the Council of Architecture and Urbanism in Brazil (Conselho de Arquitetura e Urbanismo do Brasil);
Architect Member of the Brazilian Institute of Architects (IAB);
Academic Member of the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA);
Academic Membership at the Urban Affairs Association (UAA);
Academic Membership at the International Seminar on Urban Form (ISUF);
Academic Membership at the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP).


Cesar Wagner is an architect and urban designer with professional experience from Brazil, Argentine, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and New Zealand. He completed his undergraduate studies in Argentine and Brazil (1993) and has a Masters degree in Housing and Urbanism from the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London (2003) - Chevening Scholarship recipient, a British Council Grant.

Cesar has taught in Brazil, China and lectured in several universities in Latin America, Europe and New Zealand. He has been a Senior Lecturer in the Architectural Programme at Unitec New Zealand since 2004, former Programme Director of the MArch by Project (2010-2012), and is currently a PhD Candidate at the Postgraduate Programme for Urban and Regional Planning in the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, focusing his research on the question of sustainability in urban development policies.

Graduate supervision of completed theses/dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Cesar Wagner as Principal Supervisor

Shiblaq, Khamis (2021). Museum of water: How can a water museum articulate New Zealand's tangible and intangible connection to water? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Bell, Cameron (2020). Lifeless to lively: The development of stadium architecture (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Pon, Surya (2020). Place-making: An urban lifestyle complex (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Sharma, Deyvik (2020). Westgate Shopping Centre : an opportunity to give an obsolute development a new purpose (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Caro, Antonella G. Marquez (2020). Ayllu - Community : a modular school design that investigates the education, extraordinary altitude levels and weather conditions of the remote areas of the Andes of Peru. (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Mildon, Mark (2019). Avondale Central : fostering urban renewal through critically regionalist driven design (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Stewart, Jack (2019). Suburbs to neighbourhoods : the conversion of a city fringe suburb into a sustainable neighbourhood (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Patel, Deval (2019). Sustainable housing : looking at social and cultural aspects of traditional Indian settlement (Master of Architecture (Project))
Rathod, Dhruti (2019). Urban connections: improving user experience in transit oriented development (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Patel, Pearl (2018). Albany as a future node : improving social wellbeing in a car-centric environment (Master of Architecture)
Su, Kevin (2018). A better way to live : community and collaboration (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Wang, Chenghao (2018). Mass customization in mass housing : how to design a high-rise apartment through mass customization? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Sharma, Janki (2017). Making transitional space in the contemporary city (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Jang, Samuel (2017). The extraction of the cultural identity of Korea, and its contextualization into architecture in New Zealand (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Patel, Reya (2017). Putting people first : an architectural approach to improving quality of life to create a safer community in an Auckland suburb (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Nguyen, Catherine (2017). Vertical village In the Heart of Auckland CBD (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Ramsay, Kyle (2016). Dirty old town (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Sa Freire Fusco, Isabel Miranda (2011). Rio 2016 : sailing in the post-Olympic hangover. Design for a marina and sailing school for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. (Master of Architecture (Professional))

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Cesar Wagner as Associate Supervisor

Deianov, Kristian (2021). Living within the boundaries (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Xu, Yifu (2020). A study on the community model of future aging in Kaifeng, China (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Morar, Ameesh (2020). Introducing a civic heart to Mt Roskill (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Kaur, Jaspreet (2019). Making place : architecture reflective of Auckland city['s diversity] (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Azim, Mohammed Sameer (2019). Next stop, (insert town centre here) (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Zhao, Yifei (Harry) (2019). A cautionary tale : architecture as social commentary (Master of Architecture (Professional))
McGuire, William (2019). The multi-purpose sports stadium (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Weber, Pedro (2018). Plan B : an incremental housing project in Auckland (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Bjorklund, Sam (2016). Resilient renovation : the architectural adaptation of the old suburbs for cohousing (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Matharu, Jaskirat (2016). Symbiosis in city : how can vertical farming be integrated in a high rise mixed use development? (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Kumar, Zeelesh Dakshay (2016). An eco-community design for Mount Roskill : an architectural project based on transforming Mount Roskill to become more affordable, liveable, resilient and sustainable (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Chan, Gabriella (2016). Waitemata green : changing the public acceptance of sustainability (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Cookson, Gemma (2013). Occupying the edge : Christchurch urban housing (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Edmonds, Matthew (2013). : adaptive reuse of an existing building (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Jack, Joanna (2012). Dead cities (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Leung-Wai, Martin (2012). The taualuga: A spatial study. A considered look at space and movement (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Nitsche, Cornelia (2011). Introducing client collective housing in a medium-to-high density development around the CBD of Auckland (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Banerjee, Shubhendu (Bobby) (2010). Appropriate vocabulary for a Hindu Temple design in Auckland (Master of Architecture)


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