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Cameron Moore

School of Architecture

Graduate supervision of completed theses/dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Cameron Moore as Principal Supervisor

Santana Drago, Giordano (2017). Opening up the river - connection & attraction : rediscovering the river in Hamilton (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Beaton, Angus McDonald (2017). Don't forget your roots (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Scott, Jordan (2017). Ruins for remembrance (Master of Architecture (Professional))

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Cameron Moore as Associate Supervisor

Singh, Tajvir (2017). Regeneration of Papatoetoe (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Stephenson, Hannah (2017). Dirty little secret : illuminating issues of wastefulness through architecture (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Patfield, Ethan William Corbett (2017). Kintsukuroi : natural lighting, tectonics and materiality (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Ramsay, Kyle (2016). Dirty old town (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Lawson, Sam (2016). Voids of war : an exploration of memorial culture & veteran support (Master of Architecture (Professional))
Zhu, Lijie (2016). Chinese community centre design : explanatory document aimed at creating a better Auckland City to live in by the hand of the community (Master of Architecture (Professional))


Moore, C.S. (2020). If You Copy, You will Be Caught and a Mess Will Remain: The Role of Formal Precedent in Design Studio. Aslyum (Vol. 2020).

Mađanović, M., Moore, C.S., & Jadresin-Milic, R. (2020). An Untraditional Perspective of Tradition: the lessons of Gummer and Ford in architectural education and Designing for New Zealand. A Unitec Research Project. Aslyum (Vol. 2020).