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Becca Wood

Senior Lecturer
School of Creative Industries

Graduate supervision of completed theses/dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations

Masters theses or dissertations supervised by Becca Wood as Associate Supervisor

Calder, Eleanor Elizabeth Ruiha (2019). Primary : film adaptation in theory and practice (Master of Creative Practice)
Gu, Jiajun (Leslie) (2019). A close look at Chinese immigrants in New Zealand : my language, my identity (Master of Creative Practice (Screen Arts))


Ferguson, Wood, B. (2021). Let us keep together not wide apart - the space between us: a panel presentation on ambulatory research. MIT/Unitec Research Symposium, Unitec and Online.

Wood, B. (2021). Mapping The Space Between Us. MIT/Unitec Research Symposium, Unitec and Online.

Wood, B. (2021). The Choreoauratic Body. Reeve, S, Axminster, UK (Vol. First).

Wood, B. (2020). An agent for change: Alegacy of dance education in Aotearoa. Dance Research Aotearoa (Vol. 6).

Wood, B., Houghton, C., & Laing, M. (2020). About Walking - 15 months of artist walks in Tāmaki Auckland. Auckland, New Zealand, Te Uru Waitākere Contemporary Gallery.

Wood, B., (Artist )- choreographer (2020). The Public Stand - An audio guided walk through Avondale Racecourse. Avondale Racecourse, 12 September, 2020, Te Uru Gallery.

Wood,, B., Miller,, M., Burton,, K., & Ferguson,, G. (2020). Remote encounters of the embodied kind: connections and misconnections in a time of crisis in Creative Industries. UNITEC RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM 2020, Unitec.

Wood, B. (2019). An agent for change: a legacy of dance education in Aotearoa. Leap Symposium, Performing Arts, University of Otago.

Wood, B., Burton, K., O'Neil, C., & Young, P. (2019). Discourse of the body and Mātauranga Māori in dance education. Talking Teaching, Unitec (Vol. 1).