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Anura Bakmeedeniya

School of Computing, Electrical and Applied Technology
Location: Building 182, Room 3001


Bakmeedeniya, A., Chand, P., & Kudin, R. (2021). Effectiveness of catalytic converters on older cars on New Zealand roads. MIT-Unitec Research Symposium 2021 Rangahau Horonuku Hou - New Reserch Landscape, Online.

Chand, p., Wales, D., & Bakmeedeniya, A. (2020). Mobilising Future-Focused Work-Based Learning in Automotive Engineering. Unitec Research Symposium, Mount Albert Campus, Unitec.

Kudin, R., Chand, P., & Bakmeedeniya, A. (2020). Mitigating Nitrogen Oxides Exhaust Emissions from Petrol Vehicles by Application of a Fuel Additive. Auckland, New Zealand, Unitec ePress (Vol. ISSN 2357-206X).

Hamilton, G., Singh, N., Tawaketini, J., & Bakmeedeniya, A. (2020). Rangatiratanga: A 360 degree learning approach. Unitec Research Symposium, Auckland, New Zealand.