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Anthony Lai

School of Computing, Electrical and Applied Technology
Location: Building 182, Room 3001


Holmes, Wayne., Look, Morgan., Sidhu, Deepinder., Lai, Anthony., & Nicholson, Glenn. (2020). Microwave moisture levelling of Lucerne Chaff. UNITEC RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM 2020, Unitec.

Lai, A., Look, M., Holmes, W., Yan, A., & Sidhu, D. (2020). Development of circuit cooperate with condenser Microphone and amplifier with detecting the sound directly. Unitec Research Symposium, Mount Albert Campus, Unitec.

Look, Morgan., Waynes, Holmes., Lai, Anthony., & Sidhu, Deepinder. (2020). On-chip peripheral control of ultra-compact spectrometer. 2020 Unitec Research Symposium Programme, Unitec.

Yan, Ashley., Lai, Anthony., & Yee, Nigel. (2020). Alternative Practice Lab Methodology for Remote Teaching. Paper presented at the Unitec Research Symposium 2020, Unitec Institution of Technology. UNITEC RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM 2020, Unitec.

Lai, A., Phang, S., & Holmes, W. (2015). Data Mining Driven Computational Analysis of Stock Markets, Methods and Strategies. ECBA, Engineering and Technology, Computer, Basic & Applied International Conference.

Lai, A., Song, L., Peng, Y., Zhang, P., Wang, Q., and Pang, S. (2012). Exploring Crude Oil Impacts to Oil Stocks through Graphical Computational Correlation Analysis. In T. Huang, Z. Zeng, C. Li & C. Leung (Eds.), Neural Information Processing : Springer Berlin Heidelberg. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-34500-5_37 (Vol. Vol. 7667).