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Anja Zoellner

Lecturer, School of Bridgepoint; Lecturer, Tutorial Assistant, School of Community Studies
School of Bridgepoint
Location: Building 111, Room 2033


Jukic, Ivan., Prnjak, Katarina., Zoellner, Anja., Tufano, James J., & Sekulic, Damir. (2019). The Importance of Fundamental Motor Skills in Identifying Differences in Performance Levels of U10 Soccer Players. Sports (Vol. 7(7)).

Gago, P., Zoellner, A., Cezar, J., & Ekblom, M. M. (2018). Post Activation Potentiation and Concentric Contraction Performance: Effects on Rate of Torque Development, Neuromuscular Efficiency and Tensile Properties. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (Vol. 1).