Welcome to our rainbow community at Unitec! We support safe and inclusive spaces for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or any other sexual or gender identity.

On this page:

Support services

To officially change your name, you need to send name change documents to Student Central. Find out more about the name change process with Student Central.

Free counselling sessions are available to all Unitec students, on campus and online. Find out how to book counselling services.

Support people

Student advocate

Our student advocate can help you to:

You can email our student advocate: studentadvocate@unitec.ac.nz or visit the student advocate page for more information.

Ally Network

Our Ally Network is a group of non-judgmental volunteers from within the rainbow community, as well as supporters. Ally Network volunteers can be identified through the rainbow symbols you might find on their office doors, email signatures, lanyards or badges. 

✔ Ally Network volunteers (allies) can help with: 

  • Questions around gender and sexuality
  • Peer support for queer identifying students 
  • Referrals to support services 
  • Suggestions for activities and events 
  • Raising awareness of diverse sexualities and genders (DSG) issues 
  • Supporting diversity on campus 
  • Advocating for the Ally Network 

✘ Ally Network volunteers (allies) CANNOT help with: 

  • Expert advice on sexuality or gender 
  • Professional counselling 
  • Legal or medical advice 

To become a Ally Network volunteer, email ally@unitec.ac.nz.

Facilities and spaces

Gender-neutral bathrooms

Check out our interactive campus map below for locations of gender-neutral bathrooms on Mt Albert campus:

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Scholarships and awards

Diverse Gender Scholarship

There are two Diverse Gender Scholarships available each semester at Unitec. The purpose of the scholarship is to support more inclusive learning environments for gender diverse students.

See our Diverse Gender Scholarship page

Rainbow community resources

You can access a range of resources for the rainbow community online.  

Rainbow Auckland

Students have free membership to Rainbow Auckland. They offer members networking and social events, as well as grants, scholarships and awards. 

Visit the Rainbow Auckland website.

Express magazine

Express magazine has been New Zealand's leading LGBTQIA+ media since 1992.

Check out the Express website.

Other LGBTQIA+ websites 

Rainbow Youth—Auckland-based organisation for rainbow people up to 27 years old 

OUTLine—Free phone and email counselling for rainbow people  

GayNZ.com—Rainbow news and events website 

Burnett Foundation Aotearoa—Info on safe sex and HIV/AIDs 

Village Collective—South Auckland–based organisation for rainbow Pacific people 

Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust—Further information on rainbow scholarships 

Gender Minorities Aotearoa—National transgender organisation

Create our Ally Space

The Ally Network is creating a safe Ally Space at Te Puna, Mt Albert campus.

We want to know what you need a safe space to be. Send us an email with your ideas and feedback: ally@unitec.ac.nz.