Study abroad and exchange programme

The study abroad and exchange programme allows students to study overseas while earning credits towards their qualification.

Exchange is available with our partner institutions.

If you are an overseas student wanting to study at Unitec, see our inbound exchange programme.

Outbound exchange

As a degree student at Unitec, you can complete part of your programme overseas.

It won’t increase the length of your studies and you can cross-credit eligible courses to your NZ degree. Unitec has partner institutions all over the world, learn a new language, immerse yourself in an ancient city, or snowboard all semester long.

Reasons to study overseas

  1. Experience life in another country
  2. Study at an internationally recognised partner institution
  3. Spend one or two semesters abroad
  4. Make new friends
  5. Enhance your CV
  6. Cross-credit eligible courses to your degree
  7. Continue receiving your StudyLink allowance
  8. No extension to the length of your programme
  9. Open to domestic AND international students

Study fees and overseas costs

Throughout your exchange programme you will be enrolled as a Unitec student and pay tuition fees to Unitec, not to the host university.

You will still receive your StudyLink allowance, if elegible.

Most exchange students pay for their travel and living costs through a combination of StudyLink and savings.

Many exchange students choose to live on the overseas university campus. Some of our partner institutions can also help you find accommodation before you arrive.

How to apply for outbound exchange

Step 1 - Check eligibility

The outbound exchange programme is open to domestic and international students attending Unitec and is available for most degree programmes.

There are a few criteria you need to meet before you can apply, these are:

  • Be enrolled in a full-time Unitec degree programme
  • Have completed at least 2 semesters at Unitec with a minimum B grade average
  • Be at an appropriate level of study as determined by your department
  • Demonstrate a high standard of spoken and written English
  • Demonstrate that you will be a good ambassador for Unitec and New Zealand

Step 2 - Identify host institution and appropriate courses

Research and identify at least one partner institute you hope to study at - exchange is available with our partner institutions.

You will need to research the courses offered at the partner institute and identify courses that are relevant to your Unitec degree. 

You should seek advice from your Academic Programme Manager when choosing your courses.

Step 3 - Apply

Submit application form

Complete and submit the Outbound Exchange Application Form.

Provide 2 referees

We require 2 referees to complete the Outbound Exchange Referee Form 

Download the form twice, fill out part one of both forms yourself and then ask your referees to fill out part two. Email the 2 completed and signed forms to

Academic approval

Start discussing course approvals with your Academic Programme Manager - the Outbound Exchange Approvals Form (PDF, 70KB) will need to be completed.

Step 4 - Interview

Once we receive your application and referee form, we will invite you in for an interview, usually in mid-September for semester 1 applicants, and mid-April for semester 2 applicants.

You will be advised of the outcome of your application and the next steps.


Highlights from studying abroad

Hear from Desmond Lam, a Bachelor of Architecture student, who spent a Semester in Germany. Listen to his experiences and highlight of his trips.


Email with your enquiry or to request an appointment.