Need help with re-enrolling?

Here you will find help on how to re-enrol online, and dates of our re-enrolment days that you can attend.

If you’re progressing from one Unitec programme to another, you’ll need to apply for that new programme. Find out more about how to apply or check out our frequently asked questions for more information.

Re-enrol online

There are two things you need to do in order to re-enrol.

1. Study plan

Find your study plan by clicking on the link below. If you have any trouble, read this short guide on how to find and use your study plan.

Download your Study Plan

2. Go online

Log in to your Student Portal and choose re-enrolment under Useful Links. Select your classes based on the 4-digit class numbers in your study plan.

Go to the Re-enrolment Portal

Step-by-step guide: How to Re-enrol

You can download or view a useful step-by-step guide on how to re-enrol, or watch our handy video below.

Re-enrolment Steps (PDF) »

Need further help?

If you need help at any point, you can ask a lecturer or Academic Programme Manager to help you. Or visit the friendly team at Student Central.

Make sure to reach out early to get this sorted so there is no disruption to your studies.

Are you an international student?

If you are an international student and you want to change programme or major, and you haven't completed your current programme, you mustdiscuss this with the international office prior to making any study changes. Any changes may require a new offer of study and a new visa. The process can take time so please make an appointment.

Are you looking for

  • Elective options? If you’re doing an undergraduate degree at Unitec, you may be able to take an elective course from another degree programme as part of your qualification. Check the programme specific requirements in your study plan to make sure that the elective options you choose will contribute to your qualification.