In person and online appointments are available at Te Puna Waiora Medical Centre.

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Reminder If you have any symptoms of cold and flu such as a sore throat, cough, fever, runny/blocked nose, or shortness of breath, let us know as soon as possible.

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Services we provide

We offer a wide range of health and wellness services at Te Puna Waiora for both domestic and international students and staff.

No matter what sort of medical treatment or advice you need, we are here to help you feel better.

Health and wellness services

  • COVID-19 testing. We do not give COVID-19 vaccinations.
  • Psychological concerns – e.g. depression, anxiety and stress-related issues. Refer to the Counselling page for further support.
  • Sexual and reproductive health checks and advice – e.g. emergency contraception, sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy tests, cervical smears and free condoms.
  • Acute Treatments for colds, insect bites, wounds, burns, and accidents.
  • Vaccinations – travel vaccines, and routine immunisations, including Tetanus, MMR and Influenza. We do not give COVID-19 vaccinations.
  • Health promotion and prevention – education and advice for quitting smoking.
  • Healthy lifestyle advice – including how to lead a healthy lifestyle, help you with your diet and how to manage a medical condition (e.g. blood pressure, asthma, depression, anxiety).
  • Screenings – cervical and early pregnancy screening, skin checks and procedures.
  • Long-term medical illnesses – e.g. Diabetes, asthma, and mental health issues.
  • Medical Certificates for work and your studies (see Affected Performance Consideration).
  • Urinary tract infections and thrush treatment.
  • ACC injury assessments and treatment.
  • Skin – treatment of skin conditions, e.g. acne, lesions, rashes and moles.

How to enrol Te Puna Waiora as your General Practitioner (GP)

Please note:

  • Only current students can enrol, however students may remain enrolled after completing their studies. Students cannot enrol after completing their studies.
  • Domestic students who enrol with Te Puna Waiora Medical Centre will be unenrolled from their current GP. Te Puna Waiora will become your primary healthcare provider.
  • Casual visits are available and will not change your current GP.
  • In most cases, International students that have gained a work/resident visa may enrol, but must do so within 2 months of their visa issue date.
  • Unitec staff are eligible to enrol anytime during their employment. Unitec staff will be unenrolled upon leaving Unitec employment.

Follow the steps below to enrol Te Puna Waiora as your GP:

  1. Download, print and complete the below enrolment form, or collect one from our reception desk
  2. Return the form to us by email or drop it off at our reception desk

Enrolment Form

To save money on consultation fees you need to be enrolled with us first. 

When enrolling with us, we will need verification of who you are. Bring a birth certificate or passport (original or certified copy). If you are an international student, you must also bring your visa, along with your Health Insurance number and expiry date (original or certified copy).

How to make an appointment

You will need to make an appointment to see one of the centre's doctors or nurses.

Phone:     0800 10 85 10
Online:     book online

When making an appointment, please be sure to have your Student ID card handy. If you have a Community Services Card, bring it with you. For proof of identity please bring in your Birth Certificate or Passport.

For International students, you will also need to bring in your visa and insurance details.

Your first appointment will be with a Nurse who will assess and record your health history and baseline recordings.

Cancelling an appointment

If you can not make, or need to change your appointment, you need to let us know as soon as possible. To cancel or change an appointment, visit us in person, email, or phone 0800 10 85 10.

If you want to talk to our Nurse first

If you want to know more about our services, or get advice or trusted information, feel free to talk to our nurses first. Phone them on 0800 10 85 10 or email

Fees and costs

The cost will depend on a number of things:

  • If you are enrolled with us as your primary healthcare provider.
  • If you are an international or domestic student.
  • If you hold a Community Services Card (CSC),
  • If your injury is an Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) claim.
  • If you have medical insurance.
  • The reason for your appointment and which medical procedures or vaccinations might be required.

For domestic students, Community Services Card application forms are available at our reception desk. More information about the Community Services Card is on the Work and Income website.

From 1 February 2023 we will no longer have a follow-up consultation rate. All consultations will be charged the standard rate. This does not include ACC consults.

For more information on costs, please select from below:

Domestic students

  Registered with us as your GP Casual CSC holder
Doctor $14 $45 $20
Nurse $10 $20 $15
ACC Doctor $10 $10 $10
ACC Nurse $5 $5 $5
NZ Scholarship $14 $45 $20

International students

  Must have medical insurance
Doctor $75
Nurse $40
ACC Doctor $40
ACC Nurse $35
ACC Doctor + Nurse $45

Staff + ex-students

  Registered with us as your GP Casual - staff Casual - staff CSC holder CSC holder
Doctor $40 $75 $50 $19.50
Nurse $20 $30 $25 $15
ACC Doctor $40 $60 $50 $50
ACC Nurse $20 $20 $20 $15
ACC Doctor + Nurse $45 $65 $55 $19.50


Contact us to get current prices.


A range of medical procedures are available.

Staff or
Blood Pressure Check $10 $20 $40
Crutches - Deposit $60 $60 $60
Depo Provera $20 $20 $20
Dressing - non-ACC $20 $30 $40
Ear Syringe $20 $40 $40
ECG $30 $40 $50
Emergency Contraception  $20 $20 $20
Injection $15 $20 $20
IUD Removal $40 $130 $40
Jadelle Remove/ Insertion $60 $110 $60
Liquid Nitrogen $20 $30 $30
Medical - Driving / Diving $50 $70 $70
Minor Surgery - Per Lesion $120-$250 $180-$250 $250-$300
Pregnancy Test $15 $20 $20
Repeat Prescription $15 $20 $20
Smear $15 $20 $20
IV Fluids / Fe Infusion $90 $130 $170

Paying for your appointment

Payment in full is required at the time of your appointment. You can pay by EFTPOS, credit card, debit card, cash, or online payments.

International travel and medical insurance

International students are required to have travel and medical insurance. Payment is expected at the time of the appointment and we issue a receipt, which can be used for your insurance claim.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance
For those with Southern Cross Travel Insurance, you will need to need to pay at the time of your appointment and then lodge a claim via the Southern Cross Travel Insurance website.

Other insurance providers
If you are covered by other insurance providers, you will be required to pay at the time of your appointment and then claim back from your insurance provider.

More information for International students about Medical and Travel Insurance.

After-hours care

To see a doctor outside of our opening hours, we recommend CareHQ. CareHQ is available Monday to Sunday from 7am to 9pm, for online appointments.

Visit the CareHQ website for more information.

For urgent care, the closest Accident & Medical Clinic to Unitec Mt Albert campus is White Cross St Lukes, located at 52 St Lukes Road, St Lukes. open in Google maps.

Know your rights as a patient

Your details and records are kept confidential. We operate under the Privacy Code. Patient confidentiality is considered extremely important, and your personal details and records will not be shared with anyone else, unless you have given your permission for us to do so.

When you use a health or disability service in New Zealand, you have the protection of a Code of Rights. For more information on the Code of Rights visit the Health & Disability Commissioner website - the code and your rights.

Information on how Te Puna Waiora Medical Centre will manage a complaint - Complaint Management Policy

Other health and wellbeing services at Unitec and in the community