What is a Justice of the Peace?

All Justices of the Peace, also known as a JP, carry out important functions in the administration of documentation and justice in New Zealand. The services of a Justice of the Peace are provided free of charge. 

What can a JP do for me?

  • A JP can certify copies of documents for you including cellphone texts and computer displayed results. 
  • A JP can witness your signature on a document.
  • A JP can administer an affidavit for you. This is a document that is sworn on oath or affirmed and is normally used in a legal proceeding.
  • A JP can complete a declaration for you. This may be a statutory declaration made under the Oaths and Declarations Act 1957 or some other statute which provides for this to be done.

Click the button below to find a JP in your area. 

Find a Justice of the Peace

Tips to make your vist quick and easy with a JP:

  • Do not sign anything beforehand
  • Take photo identification
  • Remember to take the original as well as the copy to be certified
  • Check that a NZ Justice of the Peace can complete your documentation

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) provides free and confidential advice to everyone, they also provide a Justice of the Peace service. The closest ones to our campuses are:

Mt Albert CAB St Lukes
Waitākere CAB Henderson

With this service there is no need to book an appointment, just turn up within the hours of the JP service and they will assist you. Alternatively you can check the Citizens Advice Bureau website for the closest CAB to you.