Your Student Voice

Student voice refers to the range of ways in which students can engage in decisions and actions which shape their learning environment, including the soical, recreational, and physical aspects of that environment; and provide direction to Unitec faculties and directorates about ways in which both their learning and wider experiences at Unitec can be enhanced.

There a few ways in which you can express your student voice, connect in or be part of the Unitec Student Council, become a Class Rep, provide feedback via surveys. For more information on these, please see below.

Unitec Student Council

Te Kaunihera Akonga o Wairaka (Unitec Student Council) is made up of current students who are caring, passionate and dedicated, and are elected to represent you here at Unitec. They’re here to support and encourage fellow students through whatever issues or concerns arise on campus. To find out more about your Student Council, visit the Student Council page.

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Student Charter

Class Rep

Class Reps act as a voice for students and work as liaisons between their classmates, Student Council and staff at Unitec. They have an important role which makes a big difference to day-to-day student life. In particular Class Reps can help with a range of issues within a programme and can give student opinion to the lecturer or the programme committee to ensure that the education you are getting is of top quality. They can also raise issues and ideas with the Student Council and be your liaison with any other groups within Unitec.

Nominations for Class Reps are sought at the beginning of each semester. All Class Reps undergo training with the Student Council. During the year Class Reps attend regular meetings, help organise student social activities or events, and maintain good communication channels with classmates through Facebook, etc. 

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Where Building 111, Level 1, Mt Albert campus

2020 Student Election Information (click to expand)

You can represent the collective student voice within Unitec and it is a great way to advocate change for your student body. 

All students are encouraged to stand in the Unitec Student Council Elections.


  • 19 August 2019 Nominations Open
  • 2 September 2019 Nominations Close 5pm
  • 5 September 2019 Candidate Briefing Session 5pm (USC Space, Building 111)
  • 9 September 2019 Campaigning Begins
  • 16 September 2019 Voting Opens (Online Polling)
  • 30 September 2019 Voting Closes 5pm


You are able to run for more than one position, though you can only hold one role in the council. We encourage you to carefully consider which role you could best fulfil when you are to campaign.

This representative leads the Student Council, taking part in all Council activities and will sit on Unitec’s committees and boards representing the interests of the student body.

This representative co-leads the Student Council, taking part in all Council activites and will sit on Unitec's committess and boards representing the interests of the student body.

This representative will speak on behalf of Māori students and will be a student member of Rūnanga and other relevant groups. 

This representative will speak on behalf of Pacific students and will be a student member of Fono and other relevant groups. 

This representative will speak on behalf of International students, and will maintain a relationship with the International Office and other relevant groups.

This representative will speak on behalf of students studying at the Waitākere campus and must be based at Waitākere.

This representative will take an active part in all Council activities and will sit on Unitec’s committees and boards representing the interests of the student body.

  • The term for the Student President role is for two calendar years and is a 35 hour per week paid position. To stand for this position you must be an enrolled Unitec student and have held a position of leadership within the Unitec Student Community (e.g. sports team captain, Student Rep, member of a student club or executive).
  • The term for all of the council roles is held over a calendar year i.e. 1 January – 31 December.
  • Student Council representatives are expected to work up to 10 hours per week throughout the academic semester.
  • Student Council training will be held in early February.
  • Council members are required to be available in the week before each Semester begins to assist with the welcoming of new students.
  • All positions are paid.


Candidate information for Unitec Student Council Elections

  1. All candidates must be currently enrolled students at Unitec and a current Unitec student within the period elected for (except for the President).
  2. Candidates must complete the nomination form below. You can run for more than one position but you can only hold one position during your term.
  3. Candidates must be endorsed by another current Unitec student.
  4. Candidates must submit a blurb, with a limit of 200 words. It should state why they are running and what they want to achieve. The blurb will appear on the online voting form.
  5. Attend the Candidate Briefing session. Thursday 5 September, 5pm, USC Space (Building 111).
  6. Physical campaigning on campus is encouraged.
  7. Voting opens, all students receive an email containing a voting code and link and you should encourage your peers to participate in the election process.  

I want to run in the 2019 Student Council Elections

If you are wanting more candidate information for the elections, see below.



By being a representative, you commit adhering to the Unitec Student Council Constitution (rules), to attending regular meetings (including preparation and pre-reading), rostered shifts at the USC Student space, and attend training.

View 2020 Unitec Student Council Elect - Declaration of Results