Student ID cards

As an enrolled student*, you will have access to a wide range of services, some of which you will need to present your student ID card.

*All short course students are not eligible for a student ID card

What you can use your Student ID for

Get your student ID card

Student ID cards can be issued up to two weeks before the start of your programme.

Your first student ID card is free, however, if you need a replacement card there is a fee to pay.

Go to Student Central (Te Pae Kōrero) on campus where our friendly staff will take your photo and issue you with a student ID card.

We suggest getting in early to sort your ID, to avoid any long waiting periods or queues at the start of the semester.

You may be asked to verify that you’ve paid your fees or have made arrangements to pay your fees, e.g. via student loan, and show some form of personal identification in order to get a student ID card.

Distance learning students

For distance learning students only, complete this Request a Student ID Card form.

Faulty, damaged or lost ID card

The team at Student Central (Te Pae Kōrero) can help you replace student ID cards that are faulty, damaged or lost.

  • If your card is faulty, there is no charge for a replacement.
  • If you have lost or damaged your student ID card, your first step is to check with our Campus Security Team as it may have been handed in. Otherwise, there will be a $15 fee to replace your lost ID card, which you can pay at Student Central. 

You may be asked to show some form of personal identification in order to get a replacement ID card.

Found an ID card

If you have found a student ID card, please hand it in to staff at a library Ask Me desk, Student Central (Te Pae Kōrero), or Security Centre on campus.

Load money on ID card

You will need to load money(credit) to your ID card so you can use printers on campus.

See the print and photocopy page to learn how.


Misuse of a student ID card can lead to serious consequences under the Student Discipline Statute. You can find all our policies on our Unitec Policies Page.