Photocopy cards

You'll need a Unitec student ID card for printing and photocopying. Student ID cards are available to all enrolled students and must be collected from Student Central at the following locations:

  • Mt Albert campus - Building 180, Level 1
  • Waitākere campus - Building 510, Level 1

Once you've received your student ID card, you will be able to load money onto your card using auto loaders or over the counter at the Copy Centre. If you are unable to load money onto your card (kiosks listed below) or it is not working at the machines, please bring it into the Copy Centre.

The library has created some useful guides on how to use our printers and photocopiers.

Autoloader locations

Building Room / Level
Building 001 (Library) Room 1095
Building 110 (Student Drop- in Lab)  Room 1032
Building 115 Room 3005
Buliding 172 Room 2002
Building 180 (Te Puna) Level 1
Building 180 (Te Puna) Level 2
Building 510 (Waitākere Social Commons) Level 1
Building 520 (Waitākere Library) Room 3007